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Total Solution Plateau?

I have to confess to serial weighing, I'm bad. But only take seriously my first thing in the morning weigh in.

Scales just not budging this week at all despite being good and also with last weeks stomach bug.

At work now and poas, not showing any ketones. Seems very unfair! Mind you I am not feeling hungry so maybe am "just" in ketosis.

I know these plateaus happen but it just feels so frustrating, especially since I have fought tempatations valiantly especially at work - chocolates and cakes everywhere!

Sorry. Just had to rant.
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Yeh I can understand you ranting. I know I would. I'm only on day 2 but just keep going and I'm sure you will get over the plateau. Don't get disheartened. You might have a loss at the end of this week. Fingers crossed x
Well I weighed in last Thursday with a 2.5lb loss. Over the week I have put 1lb on and only just back to last weeks weight.

Feeling rubbish about it. I think my water intake has slipped a bit but tried to improve this over the last few days.

Our bodies are weird sometimes aren't they? Maybe then try to up your fluid intake. It's hard though i drank gallons yesterday but it was hard. I'm sure it will sort itself out. But it must be frustrating for you.
I can't sleep with the hunger and have a mahoosive headache and this is only day 2!! I'm dreading day 4/5 the worse days.


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I was I'm a similar position to you last week madwife. I am a daily weighed, one a day, first thing in the morning. Every week previous to last week I would either stay the same or lose.

Last week I went up a few pounds, lost them and then over the course of the week I finally lost 1lb. And I wasn't impressed lol.

Today is official WI day, my first after last weeks blah week as I refer to it and I've lost 6lbs. Don't get despondent, just keep at it. And start getting your water intake back in track. I read something interesting about ketosis yesterday. If you don't keep up your water your kidneys need a hand, so your liver helps out and that keeps it from assisting in burning fat. I don't know how true this is but it ruddy well keeps me on track lol xx
oooh that's interesting Jenjen - doesn't sound good for the liver to be stressed. Def keeping up the water!


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I am a daily weigh-er as well, just cant help myself. Yes if you only get on once a week it would be a lovely suprise but I need to know that I am losing weight, not get to the end of a whole week and see that I havent lost any and there was something I could have done to change that.
Madwife,,, you did have a sts around 4 weeks ago so maybe you have a cycle that will come round every few weeks, look at how well you have done and if you dont lose one week maybe a little more exercise or daily walking will move you on a bit. Good luck.
Thanks everyone. I was feeling all sorry for myself and I always feel particularly fat and bloated on a nightshift.

I think things have just slowed a bit - having had such a good start and then only 8lb over last three weeks. So was just worrying that things were just grinding to a halt.

Ach well, maybe its is a wee cycle, hopefully things will pick up next week.

Was going to do weigh in tomorrow, but might leave it till friday.

Thanks again :)
Last night I blew it - I had 3 glasses of wine (PTA type gathering in pub). Was very ahem, lightheaded. I know. I know.

Followed by two mini cream eggs and some crisps. So angry with myself. However, 2lb down this morning so maybe i needed a wee breakout.

Onwards and downwards, and back to behaving myself.


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At work now and poas, not showing any ketones. Seems very unfair! Mind you I am not feeling hungry so maybe am "just" in ketosis.

What is poas? by the way, still learning abbreviations?

I think weighing seriously damages your health. Avoid at all costs. Apparent failure puts more people off - eating 3 fixes (soups shakes / bars) works, it cannot not work! so be patient - wait till your body catches up. Ketones can disappear if you have been exercising.


I will do this...
Poas - peed on a stick (ketostix to check to see if you are in keyosis)

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