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Can anyone advise or share their experience...or is it just me??? My weightloss seems to have stalled - only 2lb last week and 2lb this week. I'm still really pleased that I am losing, which is something. Is this a plateau, and will the losses increase again?
Many thanks,
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Sorry snowyj I can't advise cos I am only on day 4, but you have done fantastically well, I know it must be frustrating but 2lbs is 2lbs and that is good. at least something is coming off...

Keep focused, and keep up the good work 13lbs will go soon enough,,,



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Mine has swung back and forth (see below) but TOTM had a profound effect on me - I think I retained a lot of water and this gradually disappeared when Aunt Flo arrived! The advice I was given was weigh weekly not daily, and that it will even out over the month. Keep drinking lots of water too - it just drops off when you keep drinking!
Best of luck!


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I lost 2lbs and realised that it was because I drunk an oxo cube. Have you added any drinks to your diet apart from Water?


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Sometimes it will happen but then you will pick up better losses again soon. I know my weight doesnt seem to be moving this week and Im getting weighed tomorrow, but my body is defo thinner!

You are doing fantastic keep going.


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Hi the same thing has is happening to me at the moment i am now on week 4 and only lost 2lb this week and 3lb last week. But if you have a look around on this site you will see that some ppl lost 2lb one week and then in a week or two lost like 8lb. So i think we have to be grateful for what we lose and continue with the diet. We will all get there in the end. Focus on your main goal not the time in between. Goodluck All


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S: 14st0lb C: 14st0lb G: 11st10lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks all...I'm just being impatient now...the diet has been fantastic, well the results have - and the end is in sight now.