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please advise new member

hi guys i am joining tommorrow i was on ww and did not like the counting etc plus i think sw a lot healthier tbh (i may be wrong) thats my opinion

can i ask you what a typical day would be and also what would be in your shopping list to ensure a good week i get my shopping monthly and want to ensure a good start i need to do something
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Hi and welcome to sw

It really depends what day you are following Extra easy, red or green, but as a newbie they will probably get you to try and follow extra easy which is a great plan.

Things that would be free on all plans.

Pasata is always useful. I also make sure I have a good supply of all herbs and spices they can liven up anything. Low fat cheese, pasta, rice, plenty of veg that you can make into soups etc, wholemeal bread 2 slices from 400g loaf. Lean meat or quorn products. Tin toms, baked beans.

The plan is broken down into free food, healthy extras and syns.

Healthy extras provide you with your calcium and fibre requirements and your syns are just to give you something extra, maybe a treat of choc, crisps, takeaway or alcohol etc or extra bread, convenience foods etc.

Free food depends on the day you are following etc on extra easy free food would be fruit and veg, meat, pasta, rice, cous cous, potatoes.

If you follow Red days free foods would be more high protein based and green days would be more carbohydrates.

Good luck.

Hope this gets you started :D
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Hi slim4son, welcome to this wonderful forum first of all. You will get ace support on here, I am on here all the time. And to be honest I personally think S W is the best plan. You can eat so many free foods and dont feel hungry EVER. If you do you can fill up on superfree foods, which are most veg and fruit, with a very few exceptions. Basically there are three plans, red (mostly protein) with a little carbs, then all your superfree foods, green(mostly carbs) with a little protein, then all your superfree foods, and extra easy, which basically you just fill up your plate with a third superfree foods every meal. You also have healthy extras like milk,bread,cheese,cereal etc. Also youre allowed syns everyday, up to 15 on average. You chose which plan you want to do for the day, and stick to it for that day. You can then chose which one you want for the next day. You dont have to stick to one only, you chose each day however you may feel.
Are you going to a group. If so, please try and stay for Image Therapy, you will get so much help and support there.
You will be given all the literature when you join after your joining meeting with your consultant. But I would say, you cant eat too much veg and fruit, fill up on that, drink plenty of water, and have a good cupboard of basics. The literature will explain it all in more detail. Good luck, hope this has helped you a bit. AND there is hardly any weighing, only youre Healthy Extras. Let us know how you go on, if you need any more help, just put a post on here.


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Hi Slimson,

I'm a new starter, this is my 3rd week and SW is fab, as well as this forum.

I'm terms of your shopping basket, essentials in mine (for emergency snacks if you're out and about) are, ready prepared fruit, mullerlights (I could not live without these), alpen light bars and the bars you can get at class. These all make you feel better if you need food right now.
Other things I have in my cupboards, as well as fruit, veg, meat, fish, pasta are Batchelors pasta n sauce (quick and easy lunch), jacket potatoes, beans, laughing cow light, rice... Basically the plan allows you a lot of freedom, so long as you are planned I'm advance. I find that if I haven't got a plan for what I'm eating for the whole week then I panic in case I haven't got anything in the cupboards that is SW friendly when I need it.

But all in all it's a brilliant plan and I'm sure you'll enjoy the food when you get going!

Good luck,


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