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Please can I have some advice.....

My husband and I are both doing LT..... he however has found it easier than me but being on the male sachets he has a shake in the morning and a shake at night instead of the 3 us girls have.

The school holidays have started so I plan to be out and about with the children for picnics etc so won't be home to be able to make my shake in the food processor with ice. Do you think if I split my lunchtime shake and had one and a half in the morning and one and a half in the evening that that would be ok?

It would be easier to just be drinking water when I'm out..... What do you think? have you ever done it that way?

Thanks for reading
Cally X
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you could try it for a day and see how you feel? just in case you got weak or anything....
Thank you.... I think that's probably the best thing to do, give it a try and see.

In my head I'm thinking as long as you have the quantity of 3 sachets it should be ok.

I'll try it and see, I'll let you know.


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Do let us know how it goes doll! I run out of time to take shakes at work sometimes and end up having 2 together in the evening, hasn't effected me so I'm sure you'll be fine. Oh my gosh big family wedding next weekend I'm excited but I dunno how to wriggle out of the dinner yet! Goina have to get creative.
How are you finding it so far? Your tough to be doing it with children to look after and feed! Love and hugs xx
Hi Siobhi.....

I had one and a half sachets at 7.30am today and just had another one and a half at 7.45pm..... I was absolutely starving by then but because I went for a walk before coming home that was just the way it was today. I would say that 12 hours between sachets is DEFINITELY too long. If I have the second one a bit earlier though I think this might work better for me.

I took the kids to the park and for a picnic and I just drank water.... it was fine. Also it meant I didn't have to have any thoughts about my shake I just concentrated on drinking water and at any signs of hunger pangs a weak black coffee did the trick.

I'll carry on for a few days and see if it stays ok.

That family wedding you're going to is going to be tricky. Do your family know you're doing LT, if they do you could just tell them that you don't want to ruin all the hard work you've already done, then go to the service, then go for a walk or something and get back in time for the speeches. If they don't know then you're going to have to muster up some whopper lie to cover yourself.... LOL...

Speak soon
Bye for now
Love Cally


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Well done you. Cant drink coffee anymore makes me sick. Ah ill go to the meal and all just goina sit with some hungry male cousins. :)


i want to be like betty
try the flipjack i know its a bit gross but i go out one day a week photographing and dont have the time or oppertunity to shake the mix
you do have to drink alot of water but they are filling.
hope this helps
when im out for the day i take my sachet and shaker and go and buy a cold bottle of water and ask for ice and then i mix! even in the park cafes they have cold water etc and i find this works for me- good luck


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You could make a mousse?? Some people hate them but I loved them and finished my last few weeks TFRing on mousses alone! That means you only have to take a small dish and some water. Have approx 20mls of water .. slowly stir the powder into it and once it's all wet mix like hell! It'll be a bit lumpy probably but I used to find it very satisfying personally! xx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
You could get a shaker and take it with you and mix your shake when you are out. Try the flapjacks. They are totally gross but, personally, I found them very handy for such situations. You can get them down with plenty of water.
Otherwise, just go without and make sure to drink plenty of water/coffee/tea when out and then have your shake when you get home. Absolutely make sure you get our three in every day.
It is great you have hubby for support as well. lots of luck
Hi Hun

i was on LT in 2008 and lost 8 stone. u can split the shakes anyway as long as u have all 3, i used to split mine into 6. i had 6 halfs each day, one at 7am, one at 10am (break) one at lunch 1pm, one at break again 3.30PM, half at 6pm and half at 8.30pm. not exactly but roughly and it worked really well, it took me 7months to lose 8stone and always had half shakes. anyway that works best for u as long as u have all 3. good luck hun xxx
Hi Hun

i was on LT in 2008 and lost 8 stone. u can split the shakes anyway as long as u have all 3, i used to split mine into 6. i had 6 halfs each day, one at 7am, one at 10am (break) one at lunch 1pm, one at break again 3.30PM, half at 6pm and half at 8.30pm.
I found this worked for me to in the first week as I knew I had another meal coming. Also felt less hungry.
Good luck, its good you have each other for the support!
Emma x

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