Please can I join the Wemitts.....


Hi everyone, I have 6 stone to lose and am really frightened at the prospect of losing so much weight.

I have done every diet out there and am enjoying the c/d. I did lose 9 lbs, (still off) but Ive just had a week off of the c/d because I just could not cope with it.

Back on ssing today and was looking for some more support and encouragement.

I would also really like to join your bonfire challenge if its not to late.

Thanks .....
Hi Janey

Welcome to the WeMITTs, you couldn't have found a more supportive place. Get on here and post on your good days and bad days and you will get plenty of cheers and help.

It does look frightening a the beginning, just set yourself small goals and rewards (not food:rolleyes: ) and aim for them rather than looking at the big picture. Goals like half stone and stone markers or getting to the next stone down or the next BMI marker, I used 10% losses mostly but also set markers like getting into the next stone, doing 100 days, moving from morbidly obese to obsese on the BMI scale (just on the brink of being overweight at the moment:D ). Whatever works for you and keeps you motivated.

Good luck with your journey
Hello Janey, and a very warm welcome to the WeMitts. I could not have done my weight loss journey without the help and support of this marvellous group of people.
We really do KNOW about all the difficulties and challenges which have to be faced by overweight people, both when they choose to lose weight, and in everyday life when they don't.
It IS a choice, Janey. Well done on choosing the fastest, safe way to lose weight. Post often - look forward to getting to know you.
Me Too!

I've just started cd 10 days ago and also need to lose 6 st (Would really like to lose another stone on top of that but that makes it even more daunting). Am quite scared too and don't think I really believe I can do it - that's why I don't want to set too ambitious a goal. I'm trying to take it a week at a time and not do the "by Christmas I could be...". Had a really good first WI on Sat and lost 13lbs. I'm coping Ok with SS - hardest bit is cooking and shopping for everyone else. Best bit is that trousers are already a bit looser!!!!
Good luck with yours - I'll watch out for your progress on the site - keep posting!
There are two "psychological" things that helped me a lot.
1. As Debbie said somewhere else, but it's worth repeating again - "a marathon runner doesn't run 26 miles - she runs 1 mile 26 times" think about it, and apply the principle to your weight loss journey.
2. I made a graph (it is VERY big!) by joining squares of graph paper together. Then I charted my weight loss - 1 square = 1 lb up the side, and 1 square = 1 day across. Then I drew a dotted line to chart how much I would weigh at any given date in the future, if I lost 4lbs a week. I realised that if I stuck to it, by August, I could be in a size 16.
Well, I stuck to it, and pretty much hovered around that dotted line, as I plotted my weight losses on the graph each week. Some weeks above it, but a few below. It particularly helped on the weeks I only lost a couple of lbs. by clearly illustrating that I was on, or below, the average loss of 4lbs a week. In August, I wore all my new size 16's (and even some 14's)
Even now, when I get an "it's not fair" day, I go and look at that chart, (it covers most of the spare bedroom wall!) and I soon get things in perspective again.
Good luck, and post often on here for the best support and information in the world!
Ann xxx