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Please could I have some advice... Thanks


Call me Nicky xx
O.K, I have started SW on Wednesday and I have been told my syn allowance is 10 a day.

So far this is a typical days menu (I choose red days rather than green - personal preference)

B Porridge (HEb) Skimmed Milk (HEa)

L Ham salad, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions, lettuce, LesKol Cheese (HEa)
Ryvita Minis (HEb)

D big plate of vegetables (if I roast them I add 2 sprays of frylite) with either Chicken, fish or a freshly made sin free original receipe from the SW book.
Muller Light Yoghurt with Strawberries & Raspberries.

I find that this fills me up and I dont have any urge to add treats (I know it is still early days and coming from CD it is just so lovely to eat healthy food again) however I was wondering whether you have a better weight loss if you use your syn allowance aswell.

At the moment I dont do much exercise although I am in the process of joining my local gym (this should happen next week)

Can anyone advise me whether this is a good start for me to lose weight as I have 5 1/2 stone to lose and want to do SW to the maximum.

Sorry for the waffle it's just I am doing this diet on my own and would love input from those who have successfully lost on SW.

Ramble over Nicky xx
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i was told you need to eat your syns for the best results but you dont need to eat junk you could have a few nuts or seeds or dried fruit or sauces for a bit of extra flavouring x
It looks like an excellent start to the diet.

I would think being advised to eat your sins is encouraging you to eat for the sake of it - which is clearly not the best thing for people who are trying to lose weight! The focus of sw is on free foods, fill up on those and you'll be doing great.


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Two things:

I always lose LESS if I don't have any Syns at all.

If you aren't having any Syns then when your body gets used to the change and the losses slow down you will have nothing to cut back on. Have your Syns now then you can cut back when you need to.

Also, if you regularly have no Syns then you have an event where you need to use them the change may have an adverse effect even if you stick to your allowance


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thanks for this posting - been debating the pros and cons of eating the syns or not - used to allow myself 5 a day and sometimes did not eat them at all. I have decided as I have restarted this journey to eat 10 a day for the first week and see what happens, although have to admit to feeling rather full of free food and healthy extras so far today and not too sure what I will have for the 10 syns - any ideas??


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you could have something like a really nice salad dressing some olive oil or something like that if you dont want to eat sweats x
I've been doing this plan for 4 weeks and I've used between 10-15 syns ever day and I lost 14lbs so far...I'd eat them and then cut down if your loss slows.


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not much 'syn' stuff in the house - all salad dressings are low fat! May have to indulge in crisps tonight with a diet coke at the pub after I have cycled there!
Definately do it!!

I'm sure you'll need some sort of energy after your bike ride anyway so they'll be well deserved


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they will taste great - will have to take them from the house as the pub does huge bags of Walkers cheese and onion (drool - yum yum my fav) which will tip me over the syns for today!

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