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Please Cuddle me.

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After 5 years in a job I loved, I was made redundant in March. I found an excellent job and looked forward to starting.

Another company approached me the day before my start date and asked me not to take that job and work with them. Their job seemed like an excellent opportunity.

I agreed provided I got written confirmation by the end of the day. In good faith I told the other job I wasn't going.

It all went wrong from the start:

A week later, confirmation and a contract hadn't arrived but they asked me to start anyway.

When I started, I found that I, the newbie was the only one in my branch who knew the first thing about what to do. I have been working hard and trying to seek information from the company to help me do my job but without success. They don't understand my work yet have formulated unrealistic expectations despite me informing them they are not feasable.

I have been chasing a contract or even a confirmation of employment letter with no joy snce I started 3 weeks ago. My payroll forms were submitted with a colleague's and mine alone were lost. I resubmitted them and they have still not been input.

I have not been paid this month butg my colleague who started with me has. Also, I still cannot get verbal or even written confirmation of my terms and conditions.

Today, the MD announced to my manager he was firing me, with no reason given. He declined to speak to me and asked my manager to.
The manager told me he thought it was wrong.

The company wanted me to leave at the end of today, because I have no contract, I have no leg to stand on.

Well, my manager persuaded the MD to put me on probation. I should already be on a contract with built in probation so I said I need the MD to sign a confirmation letter. He refused.

The managers asked him again and he eventually told one of them to sign it.

I have been so stupid.

I used to work for the NHS where everything was slow but not this slow. I reaslise I have been a fool.

I have effectively been volunteering for the last 3 weeks. Oh yes, 8am -5.30am with an hour and a half travel each way.

What a sap I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:sigh:

My colleagues have been lovely but they have all been paid, have contracts and safe jobs.

I don't trust the company.

Soooooooooooooo wanted to dive into a KFC bucket.

For a nanosecond.

I've been on CD for over 4 weeks now so its gone and turned into a habit.:)

At least I am managing one part of my life alright.

DP is being an angel. He says I am clever and perfect and he loves me. Says that all we need is to be together and we'll have a nice life.

Now:cry:but for the right reasons.

Do please give me ahug though. DP's sweet words will wear off around 7am tomorrow morning.
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Must do it this time
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oh hunny i wish i had some words of wisdom for you,
i just want to send you huge hugs:grouphugg:
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oh hunny... pop over to moneysavingsexpert.com for some advice.. and call citizines advice too.. his is wrong!! you have all your colleques as wittnesses..
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Good suggestion to call the CAB to find out where you stand and sending you huge HUGS :grouphugg:



has started again!!

Really feel for you! So strong and fantastic to avoid that KFC, well done and stay focused!


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Thanks for the kind words everyone and the advice to go to moneysavingexpert.com and the CAB.

I am going to the CAB on Monday so hopefully they can help me sort this out.

They've got to pay me. Don't they know I have CD foodpacks
to buy!:p


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Hugs, just hugs


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And hugs from me too. You have had disgusting treatment and as for the MD well I know I can't swear on here but *******

I agree that a visit to the CAB is in order and they may suggest who else to contact as this firm should not be able to get away with it.

Irene xx


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I am afraid you have no employment rights as you have not worked there for a year. Furtheremore without a signed contract your case is not strong. Still worth going to CAB and discussing with an employment expert. If I were in your position what I would do is is to get the name of all the directors of the company from Companies (a small fee) which will give you their home addresses. Name and address of your local MP and write to all of them explaining exactly what happened and how this practice is unacceptabl etc. Just writing to the company may not get the letter to the top.
im also on the SSCD day seven for me although i feel that is my full time job it isnt, i am a HR Manager so let me give you some advise.
your contract should be issued within the first 8 weeks of you starting, if they are that slow or dont wish to issue you with a contract a formally bidding contract is made by you getting paid (as that is bidding as you did the work and they paid you for it regardly of the fact that you havnt got a contract) so according to you, you dont seem to have any, so im sorry to say that the manager is right you dont have a leg to stand on as if you were to take him to tribunal its very hard to go for wrongful dismissal as you dont have a contract or have been paid, also his argument will be she was a volunteer as she was made redundant.

Sorry to sound harsh but thats the way it goes, you reallllly need to get that contract does the business not have a HR dept, as they should be the ones to issue you with the contract, your alternative is to push for payroll to pay you by BACs as quickly as possible that way you have a stronger case as you have then been paid.

but BIG HUG for you, if you need some help let me know it will keep my mind off food if nothing else lol
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Hi Kira and Getslimbydec,

Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate your help.
i love the way everyone looks out for each other on this site.

I am going to PM you getslimbydec. Hope it works - haven't done it before.


Addicted to this site lol
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Hi Hunny hope it sorts itself out for you soon but meanwhile give this people a call. They are called ACAS ADVISORY 01252816650 they help anyone with employment problems like yours and disputes they will be able to advise on what you should say or do regarding your problem IT IS FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL so go for it you got nothing to lose by speaking to them but a whole lot to gain.
Let us know how you get on. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Urgh! Can't figure out how to PM or email people.

Have made notes on all your advice. It helps to have a plan.

No more:cry:. Now more like :)

Thanks X
not sure if you have seem me a PM as i dont even no how to check if i go one lol


determined to be thin!
Just wanted to say hang in there turquoise,
it sounds like you have a lovely relationship with you dp, and you have managed to stick to cd through all this, so you should be v proud of yourself

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