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Please explain


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S: 21st9lb G: 16st0lb
I dont want to sound ungrateful or expect the moon or anything but.....

week 1, lost 15lbs, 5 days in to week 2 = no loss at all.

I havent cheated, have drunk minimum of 6 litres of water a day, and absolutely no movement on the scales.

Now, being a man, I was hoping for 6 or 7lbs a week after the first week, and based on other mens losses.

I am so far keeping my calm, but why oh why is nothing happening. I am in ketosis, bright pink on the sticks.

Can anyone shed any light?
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Sometimes it just happens all at once, I get on the scales at the counsellors and try to ignore them in the week.
Having said that, My weigh in is on a sunday and if I get on the scales at home on say , thursday, there is usually no change but by the sunday there is a loss


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have u ever heard the term "a watched kettle never boils"? if its going to affect ur mood, u shouldnt do daily weighing and just wait until ur official weigh in. im sure people have already said to u that u wont see a difference everyday and that it comes off when it feels like it. have some patience and it will all come off quickly. xx


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It may be that you've had too much water, if I drink that much I become a sponge and retain dreadfully
Try easing back to no more than 4 litres a day and see what happens on the scales!
Hey Neco,

Me tooo!!! I lost 10lbs week one, and nearing the end of week 2 with 0 losses :(. I think we need to be kind to ourselves and realise that our first week wi's were massive (and certainly not to be had on any other diet!) - it may just take your body a few days to re-adjust and then the losses will happen again. Don't panic - you're not doing anything wrong.

Stay positive, stick with it, the weight will come off. The calorie maths and the logic say so and there are sooooo many girls and guys on here who are testament to that.

Chin up hun and stay away from those scales - not worth having a down day over :)



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Hiya Neco

If the scales don't move for a few days then they will suddenly drop I promise you.

As long as you are drinking the water and just having the packs you MUST lost weight on this diet.

How much water a day are you drinking?



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S: 21st9lb G: 16st0lb
Hi thanks for your speedy replies!

I am drinking minimum of 6 litres a day, sometimes 7,8 or 9.

I dont know about retention, I pee for England at the moment, so I am sure what is going in is coming out.

Would exercise help push it along?

I was planning on getting 4 stone off in 7 weeks, but looking at it now, I guess its more likely going to be 2 and a half or 3. NOT HAPPY!!!
Hey Neco,

The important thing is not to put too much pressure on yourself. Your body will respond to the diet in it's own way - we are all soooooo different. Just remember that this diet is the quickest way to lose the weight - if you were following WW or SW you'd be lucky to see a 3lb loss per week.

Stick with it - it does work and you will see a big drop soon x


a bit different everyday
OH NECO DONT BE DISHEARTENED, I have had this happen many times to me , every week my home scales say no loss or only 1 pound, but then suddenly like magic i go to cdc and wow 5-6 lbs gone, i have also had weeks where i lost 1 lb but look at the whole picture 8 stones down in 17 weeks, it really will work
by the way you really are drinking too much water, try 4 litres a day, i think you will be surprised at the results!!!!
1 litre of water also weighs 2 lbs in the body!!


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Hey Neco
Don't feel blue - you're doing SO well! I agree with others though - cut down on the water to 4 litres or so and report back to us in 2 or three days - I'm CERTAIN you'll see a HUGE drop!



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S: 21st9lb G: 16st0lb
OK, thanks for your replies. I am going to try and cut the water, but I kind of feel I actually need to drink that much!

I will try over the weekend and officially wiegh for the 2nd time on Monday. I will let you all know...
First week i lost ton's then the next week i put 6lb's back on.
Have been on this diet for about 7 weeks now. Have had other weeks where i lost just under a pound, and then the week after 2lb. Thankfully last weigh in i lost 7.5lbs.

You still lose inch's. Although most of it is my waist at the moment.
I think maybe cutting down on the water might help. I used to drink upto 4.5 litres (sometimes 5) of water a day. It was very tough and it made me feel awful.

But for the past 2 weeks i have cut my water down to a minimum of around 3 litres (maybe a tiny bit more) and i have been having great losses.

Its just trial and error, give it a go for a week and see what your losses are like.

Good Luck :)

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