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please help get me started

please help....I have tried several times to start a vlcd the last few mths with no success. today i started then ate at lunch thinking to myself, I'll start tomor. i cant go on like this 3-4 st to lose and off work with arthritis so v imp to get it off for my health. Can anyone give me any tips for surviving until into ketosis? PLEASE :sigh::cry:
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Is this your first time doing VLCD?

I'm feeling exactly the same way as you, you read my mind. I fell off the dieting wagon at Christmas and have tried to do Cambridge since then. My whole thing is "Tomorrow I will definately do it" and then I never do. I'm staring Lighterlife tomorrow and forking out £280 for 4 weeks. I'm terrified I wont be able to do it and will waste all that money. I wish there was a magic answer to this :(
Drink lots of water hun, and i found coming on here when ever you can really helped me get through the first few days. now i just come on because i want to hehe! :p You know you can do it, try and get in the right frame of mind and remember why you NEED to lose this weight. Put something on your fridge that will stop you reaching in there for food. Try and keep yourself busy where ever you can. Good Luck <3 xxx
thanks guys!:)have made the start today, and surprisingly shakes are nice. Did LT couple yrs ago (then tried, and failed since), shakes and variety are much better with cd and hopefully that will keep me goin:)
sweet thang, have you started yet? Just to let you know when i couldnt continue with vlcd i sold it on e-bay. Hopefully you wont need to and we can work on keeping eachother motivated to get thru first week.
Tasha, well done on your weight loss so far - 9lbs wow! Was that your first wk, are you doing cd?xxx
Hi Emma,

Shakes are lush! Which ones are your favourite so far? I love the chocolate one made hot, and the choc mint too, just like options! I like the Banana one made in a blender with ice, thats yummy too, tastes *very strangly* like butterscotch angel delight! Once you get onto the bars, they are yummy too!

I'm on week 4 now and have lost 16lbs so far! Its worth it! x

Good luck pickle!
louby, u made me laf!!!! u have such a positive attitude...def need to be listening to you!!!
16lbs in 3 weeks is so amazing, well done you!!!!!! that def makes it worth it. Well I didnt get a wide variety of stuff as I thought it might be better to have those to look forward to (to keep me interested). So far have only tried chocolate and forest fruits and the apple and cinnammon porridge - impressed so far, def much better than lipotrim. cant wait for the bars xx
Hi Emma, well done for taking the plunge with CD and getting through day 1. I carry a sort of CD first aid kit in my bag containing paracetamol, breath freshener and lip balm. I found it helped with the headaches at the start and bad breath. Also, as Tasha said, keep drinking the water. Best of luck, you can do it.
Thanks so much girls! you are all doing brilliant and to hear about your success so far is what keeps me going. Now on day 3 and doing ok, found last nt hard but looked at myself in the mirror to remind myself why I'm doing this...havent been able to look at myself really for long time without feeling disgusted I let myself get to this so it's all the reason I need! Thanks again xxx


Mad as a Hatter
Good morning Emma

How are you feeling this morning ? I am on Day 10 today but this has taken me several restarts and failures. I have just had 10 weeks off work with depression, and had got so low that the only way out was up and that way was CD !
This time it has been a breeze for me because I was totally motivated and determined to succeed this time, but the previous times it has been hard !!

I hope that you will come on here whenever you need help and motivation - someone is nearly always here - no lives most of us !!!! LOL

Take it one day at a time and you will get there !!

aww thanks so much madferret!! I hope you are feeling better after your illness. I have been the same since being diagnosed with arthritis early summer and having to leave my job for awhile (which i love). My mood has been v low and hence the rapid and large weight gain. Like you i do feel this is the way forwards, and if you're anything like me gaining weight can make you feel unmotivated to even leave the house. we will have to keep reminding ourselves of the new lease of life we will get once we are the weight we want to be. if you need anything, i'm here - keep up the gd work. what was your wt loss the first wk?xx


Mad as a Hatter
we have roughly the same to lose as each other as well - yayyy...

I haven't had my first WI yet, that is on Monday morning at 09:00... I have found on all my other restarts, I have had my WI after the first 6/7 days and then cheated, so I decided to go for a full 2 weeks and then see what the loss is - I am intending on getting weighed every 2 weeks in future so they should fit in ok
Hi Emma, how are you getting on now? How far in are you?

Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you, OMG how EASY it gets! I really struggled the first two weeks! It was like I was fighting with my body - I had tons of willpower so I didn't break, but I felt awful and I kept waiting to go into the mythical ketosis, but it didn't seem to be happening and I was starving, tired and tearful. But, I stuck with it, and suddenly, it was like someone flicked a switch in me! I think my body gave in and let me win - I wasn't gonna lose out this time! Now, i'm never hungry, have bags of energy, and just feel amazing and positive.

I have lost 22lbs in 4 weeks!

I still have 4 stone to go, and i'm impatient to shift it, but i'm confident I'm doing it the right way for me, and I'm looking forward to an amazing summer - in skirts! With my knees fully on display! Ha ha.

I really hope you get to feel as good as I do. I'm sure you will. Just stick with it. I hope my account of the first two weeks doesn't put you off - the moral is, no matter how hard it feels, it will get better and be OH SO WORTH IT!

Go Girls!


please help....I have tried several times to start a vlcd the last few mths with no success. today i started then ate at lunch thinking to myself, I'll start tomor. i cant go on like this 3-4 st to lose and off work with arthritis so v imp to get it off for my health. Can anyone give me any tips for surviving until into ketosis? PLEASE :sigh::cry:
hey Emma - lots of water....and perhaps do Sole Source plus or the 810 plan until you get into ketosis....have you talked it over with your Cambridge Consultant ?

Debz x


Mad as a Hatter
Morning Emma

How are you this morning ? what plans have you got for the weekend ? the key is just to keep yourself busy at your temptation times and you should be ok..

I take a bath or do some knitting - anything other than food !

Have a good day



Doing it for keeps now!!
Hi Emma!
I'm here in Norn Iron too and this is my thrid official restart, but this time I am taking it day by day and pound by pound. I know once I get into the zone it will be easy, I just need to get myself past the first week. Today so far I am 100% and feeling confident with 2 shakes and 2 litres completed.

I've decided to also give myself a break in this, and I'm allowing myself 4 shakes a day on the days that I feel a wobble coming on...that way if I feel especially hungry or pyschologically craving food (after three or so days on SS it becomes just about the Mind Games with yourself!!) then I have an option to have another shake without feeling guilty.

I've a lot of weight to lose, but at the moment just trying to get rid of 1lb every other day.
Hiya hun,
easiest thing to do is, Close your eyes and Jump.. Its all or nothing for me.. Keep ur eye on the ball and keep going. Nothing is easy unless we bite the bullet and take that first step..
Goodluck xx
hi guys, thanks all so much!!! not so much of a problem now as i am on day 5 and feeling great, full of motivation!!!! i dont know how much further I would be able to go than the 2 wks but I'm just trying to take it one day at a time, would love to do 6 weeks but we'll see.
lots to keep me busy this weekend, and have my wk all planned just to keep me busy and not thinking of food lol!!! Happyminx thanks so much for your msg, what motivation - you are doing fantastic!!!! Madferret, thanks for the advice, i hope you're having a gd weekend. debz, you might be my cdc? not sure as there are 2 deb in NI?lol!!!xxx
Hi again! I haven't managed to start my diet yet. I've been having a stressful time at work and I always leave feeling upset which is when I fall off the wagon! I'm starting afresh tomorrow.

You've made me feel really motivated Emma, if you can manage 5 days then no reason I can't too. Well done and best wishes for your continued success!

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