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Please help guys.. I am struggling too much.


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I started CD today, and already i gave up.
I have felt so low, and so down all day.. i've been in pain, too hot, tired and moody, so i just gave up and ate food.
I want to do this more than anything, but i don't know how i am going to do it.
I think the reasons for me giving up is because i was speaking to someone last night that had done the CD, and she was telling me that the first 2 weeks she had lost 9 lbs each week, but then after that, she lost only 2lbs a week.
Ok well maybe thats still ok, because at least she still lost it, but it put the dampers on things and made me think, why am i putting myself through sachets and not eating a single thing to possibly only lose 2lbs each week, i could do that on slimming world.
Maybe hearing some success stories on the CD may help, but how on earth to i get through the day, i want to start it up again tomorrow, but i just don't know how i'll get through the day, if it couldn't today.. i feel so down :( I need to do this more than anything, or i will lead the most miserable life i could think off.

It also doesn't help that, when i feed my son his dinner, hes still young and i have to still check his food at the end of my tounge, this really really doesn't help me through this.
Then when my partner is back from leave (hes training in the british army at the minute) they celebrate and all our families go out and eat etc, how will i ever do this?
I really need some advice.
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Julie Williams

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Just look at some of the losses on here and it will motivate you to get through the day and it does get easier believe me. You are almost guaranteed to lose a stone a month and there isnt another diet out there where the effects are so quick. Start again tomorrow and if your struggling come on here there is always someone with some helpful advice. Good luck xxx


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Hi there,

I'm sorry you're having a rough time of it. Try not to get disheartened though :)

I won't lie and say that CD is easy because it really really isn't. And sometimes it really is a struggle to avoid eating food. But what I can definitely give you encouragement on is the amount of weight people tend to lose each week on SS.

I am the same height as you and was almost exactly the same weight at the start of the diet. I've finished 6 weeks on CD so far, and in that 6 weeks I've lost 35.4lbs. So that's an average of 5.9lbs per week, which I'm pretty thrilled about.

I know the weight loss will start to slow down, but people still tend to average a loss of about 1 stone per month which is still very good.

The first 3-4 days on CD are really, really hard for most people, but if you can get yourself through them it honestly does get easier. And once you see how much weight you have lost at your first weigh in, it's a huge incentive to carry on :)

So saying that, though, the diet doesn't suit everyone, but we are all here for support if you need it. Let us know what you decide to do, and good luck :)


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I test my sons food on my wrist, find this helps me.

Don't give up hun, like Julie says start again tomorrow if thats what you want but nobody can make you do this diet if its not for you. Dig deep and find that motivation! whether its for CD or another plan.

Search for "no willpower required" newslettters of mike scott (minimins name is icemoose) I find these really inspirational and read some of the sucess stories on here.

Really hope this isn't too harsh/blunt but dont look for excuses for a way out of this (or any) diet, it just prolongs the unhappieness you're feeling now.

And re. eating and social occasions- Life goes on! you have the choice whether you eat and what you eat and just get back on track with the diet after the social occasion.

Hope this helps, stay strong.


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The first week is the hardest but you can get through the days and once you see the scales move the motivation grows. Can you plan your next few days with lots of distraction? Take it day by day and just think about how you want to make this change. You could go to SW or WW but the losses are not guaranteed to be as consistent as they are on CD.

Take a look at the inspiration threads, I found looking at all the pictures really helped me over the first couple of weeks, and then again when I felt like I was struggling. So much of this diet is mind over matter, and what I have learnt from this diet is that I didn't need food, I wanted it and told myself I had to have it.

However, the diet isn't good it it is making you unhappy. But from someone who never thought they would stick with this past week 1 and am starting week 13 - the light at the end of the tunnel is there. I put off starting this diet for about 18-24 months and now that I am here now, I can honestly say I wish I had gone for if all that time ago.

Take care of yourself...


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:hug99: aaw.. sounds like it's been a tricky day..

I did a gradual programme for the first three weeks, which made things much easier.. the first week I went down to the "810" programme, the second week I did the SS+ programme, and then I got into 'sole source' after that.. They say this is a good idea anyway, but I didn't do it cause it's a good idea Hahaha! :D .. I did it cause I couldn't bare the thought of being without comfort eating suddenly.. that's my thing.. I had sooo many fears about CD before I started.. lots of:

'how will I cope when I'm stressed?
What will I do if people find out and aren't supportive?
what if I have to eat at something social?

..actually.. after the first 5 days, I found that it was all quite easy really.. that none of these problems had needed to scare me soo much..

If you look at all the results around here you'll see that most people loose about a stone a month.. I've been loosing 3 or 4 pounds a week, so it's been 11 weeks and I've lost 3 stone.. and I was feeling VERY similar to how you sound now.. sceptical, unsure, convinced I couldn't do it.. and scared, overwhelmed, thinking it was unlikely my life would ever get better, and getting so low cause I felt stuck..

believe me, you're not stuck! :) You're freeeee :)

Come on here tonnes.. you'll soon be in the swing of things and it will be a priveledge to watch how things change for the better for you :)



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Sorry you are having such a rough time. it IS hard to start with - but I guess you, and only you, can decide if you're in the right place to do it. Its a sacrifice, and its almost impossible at times to think you'll ever be able to do it, but if you stick with it and get results you'll wonder why you left it so long.

From a practical perspective if you are struggling with SS then try SS+ or 810. From an emotional perspective....this is your choice, so its a straight choice (to my mind anyway) - do you want to lose weight or do you want to stay as you are? Harsh but true. You really need to reach your own 'tipping point' at which it becomes more painful to stay as you are than it is to do something about it.

Finally a note on WW or SW. Yes you could lose 2lb a week...but would you? Really? I guess you've done either or both before. Does anyone know anyone that routinely loses 2-3lb a week, which is what CD averages to? What about all the weeks where you stay the same? or put on? or lose 0.5lb? they all add up, and I doubt you'd ever achieve the same average as you would on CD.

I find the thing with slimming club plans is it is FAR too easy to allow yourself to have whatever you want, justifying it by saying you'll cut down on points later or whatever. With this, you just can't do that. It is all or nothing, particularly on sole source. That works for some people - it works for me, as I'm a bit of an all or nothing type of girl - but it may not work for you.

Only you can decide - and whatever you do, I'm sure you'll continue to get loads of good support here on minis. If you decide to stick with it, wouldn't worry about a false start, just try again tomorrow.


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I am really feeling for you, it is hard but one day u will wake up and think god this is not so bad, just take one day at a time, maybe ss+ if you are struggling... My weight losses have not been great lately but they are still losses which all add up.

My hubbi is in the army too & at the moment is in Afghan, he will be so shocked when he comes home on r&r at the end of the month.. well I hope, trying to lose another stone before then. At least when he comes home for good in October I will have lost all the weight i want to before all the parties start!!!

Chin up & hopefully you will get yr head around CD


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everytime i get demotivated, i look in the mirror and remember WHY I STARTED in the first place....(cos i felt fat in case anyone wants to know....)

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