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Please help guys..

I know this subject has been discussed plenty of times but please stick with me: Hairloss..

I am absolutely mortified...I have very long hair and it is my pride and joy, the only thing I like about myself (yep, no self confidence at all..)
Now, for the past few weeks I have lost so much hair and I am close to tears every day. I even stopped washing it as often as I normally would just because of how much comes out. It doesn't come out in klumps but it is terrifying. I even counted them today and I think from washing and brushing I lost about 200...I know between 80 and 120 is normal but that is so much. I am typing this close to tears. My CDC is lovely but doesn't understand what my hair means to me. She says just cut if until it has grown back and you'll be fine but I can't cut it..would be like cutting off and arm or something.

The hairloss started about 4 weeks ago when I got ready for my holiday and a weekend of eating and drinking..didn't overdo it but haven't been able to stick to SS properly since. Still loosing weight so that is not the issue but I am now so panicked that I am thinking of giving up CD and trying something else...would break my heart too because it worked so well for me and just over 5 stone are gone with about 4.5 more to go...

Please, has any of you got any advice for me? I really need some help with this..

Sorry for being all pathetic but I just feel very bad right now..

thanks guys...

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Hey.. the first thing you have to do is STOP STRESSING! :) Stress can also have this affect on your hair. The same happened to me the first time I did CD, I have long brunette hair and it started 'falling out'. I found that it wasn't actually falling out but snapping which left me with *spikes* around the front of my scalp. Do you used hair straighteners? I did but found that hair loss decreased when I stopped using them so much. If you HAVE to use them, don't go from the scalp.

ok, you've done/doing sooo well with your weightloss... could you put up with your hair troubles for just a couple more months? It will grow back and I bet it's only you that can notice your hair troubles.

Just wanted you to know that you're not the only one that has experienced this x Most important thing though.. stop stressing! :) (((hugs)))
Thank you so much bluepaws..just to know I'm not alone is comforting and a few kind words always help.

I don't use straighteners or any kind of heat device. I just dye is every 6 months or so (not at the moment though..)

I know stress doesn't help but at the moment I can't stop...
I really want to stick to CD for a little bit longer but I guess if it comes to where the cookie crumbles I would try other things to preserve my pride and joy...



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youll find your hair will come back thicker and nicer when youve lost your weight ........ like blepaws said dont stress that will make it worse . maybe treat yourself to a nice conditiioning food wrap for hair , accompanied with a long soak in the bath , candles and a mag . nice relaxing time . your weight loss is fantastic .
Thanks Sue. I guess just reading kind words and reassurance is doing me some good. I just want to avoid my hair going so thin that I have to cut it off because I could just not cope with that. Bit childish possibly but I can't help it.

Will try the soak and a bit of meditation allthough I'm only starting with meditation so that'll take a while to take effect I guess.

Thank you



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I have heard that Sea Kelp tablets help with hairloss. I got some last week in Holland and Barrat cost about £3.00. Maybe worth a shot but as others have said it is only temporary.

Well done on your weight loss

Hi Jacspat,

thank you - for the tip and the compliment...I must say I'm quite proud too..it is a strange feeling.

Will try the kelp tablets for sure..

Thank you

hiya, as everyone has said dont stress. you might be making things worse. I know a girl with really long beautiful hair and she would never get it cut or anything. I think you should try and stick to cd like look you have done so well so far, your hair will grow back.

becky xx


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I know how you feel hun as im the same :( its so distressing to see how much hair comes out when washing. I also have noticed how thin my hair in at the top anad sides now. Not good.
But Im assure by the lovely peeps on here and my cdc that its temp.
I also love my hair but to be honest id rather be slim and have my hair thinner then it will grow back healthy rather than staying overweight and having nice hair :)

Well done on your weight loss hun thats fab xxxxxx
Hi Becky and Princess,

thanks so much. I think it's the reassurance that is doing me good. I will try and stop stressing (ha, that'll be a first..) and just get on with it.

As always, minimins and all the lovely peeps on here are worth their weight in gold (the weight BEFORE dieting..lol)

Thanks guys



2nd Time Lucky!
S: 17st9lb C: 17st9lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

As always, minimins and all the lovely peeps on here are worth their weight in gold (the weight BEFORE dieting..lol)

Lol that made me chuckle :D:D:D

where abouts in scotland are you hun? x


Cambridge Counsellor
In my experience, your hair is more likely to suffer if you yo-yo in and out of ketosis. It would seem that hair thinning problems often start when a person has a break from the diet, or is picking.

Perhaps that could be a good incentive for getting back on track, and ssing properly? :)

Jo x
Hi JustJo,

you know, I did think that myself and I didn't admit it to myself but you just given me the proverbial kick up the bottom...thanks. Must get back on SS, starting tomorrow..


I also am suffering from hair loss and my long hair was falling out quite dramatically once I came off SS and worked through the plans.

I went to the hairdressers last week and had my hair cut to my shoulders. It was not easy but with all this hair loss, the new hair coming through is going to be short for a while. Thankfully the hairdresser reassured me there is new growth in the follicle and is growing fine.

I went to Holland & Barret and bought hair and nail supplements and sea kelp tablets which makes the hair coming through grow a little quicker and I have been taking them faithfully.

It is upsetting but it will settle down. I am finding the amount of hair I am loosing has lessened and not nearly as traumatic now my hair is shorter.

Hi weepoppet,

I must admit that I will try all the pills holland and barratt and everyone else have first before I cut my hair but just knowing I'm not on my own is great.

Thank you


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