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Please help I feel lost

I did cambridge and lost 61/2 stone. Then I moved up the plans at Christmas, but I was getting hungry so I moved onto ww. Anyway ww really isn't working for me as I am living of junk and have no points left for proper nutritious food. I've had a few bad days eating wise and i'm really scared about undoing all of my hard work. Do you think slimming world could help me. I think it encourages eating 3 healthy meals. Can anybody explain the basics to me? Do you think its best if I join a class? Thanks in advance X x x
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Hi Jen, Wow, what an amazing weight loss!! It sounds like what you
need to do now is wrestle the control back again-a place we have all been to!! Slimming world is excellent-not a diet but a healthy eating plan that you lose weight on. Basically there are red and green days, on red days you can eat as much lean meat as you want and restricted carbs, and on green days you can eat as much carbs as you need and limited meat, fish-thats it in a nutshell with a few extras thrown in. Join a class-you need the support to get your motivation back! This is a great forum as we are all in the same boat-use it whenever you are flagging. Good luck! Tracey hug x


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I always find a class helpful and also need the discipline of the official weekly weigh in. SW sounds as though it would suit you. So hope you find a class and give them a visit
Good luck
Irene x
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There's no need to go hungry to lose weight, hun. Do a trawl on the internet for "Slimming World" and you'll find a ton of information - not least from SW's site itself. And we're all here to help you along.

I can't go to a class so find minimins a huge help keeping my motivation going. Otherwise, get to a class and find out what it's all about. You'll not be disappointed. This is a "diet" where you'll eat loads and either maintain your loss (which is incredible. Well done you) or lose more if needed.

Keep up the good work and keep us informed!
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i would defo join a class, where everything u need to know will be explained to you......plus if your unsure u can always ring your class leader for help........i do all the time if i'm out havin a meal and not sure what to order.........welcome to the site and goodluck....


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Well done on the weight loss! Your ticker is amazing!!

I have done WW twice in the past and hated it! All the counting and weighing drove me crazy and I always felt hungry. I was really reluctant to try SW as I thought it would be the same but a friend explained about the red and green days... it all fit into place as I know I need to change the kind of things I eat. With a limited amount of syns I know I can have treats but in a balenced way rather than gorging on them!

If you go along to a meeting the consultant will explain it all to you, answer any questions and you don't have to sign up. If you don't like what you hear then you can just walk away.


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Hi Jen,well done on your loss ,you have proved that you can lose weight,now its time to find a plan that you can follow and teach yourself how to eat healthy. In my opinion going to class is the key, my consultant is great ,I can ring ,text or email with a question and she responds,never have I had this at any other slimming club,the plan is so easy ,not really a diet and if you like to eat a lot like me it will suit you not having to count everything,it fits into normal life.Check out your local class,go along,you dont join until the end of the class so if its not for you then you havent wasted any cash,good luck,hope to see you on here more often.

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