Please help!!!! I really need support and motivation... Pleeeeease!


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I'm new to this forum... but not new to dieting!
I did LL nearly 5 years ago and lost 4 and a half stone on the 100 days foundation and maintained 8 and a half stone with a few minor blips for nearly 5 years.

It's like something clicked in my brain and I started bingeing like a nutter... and put on all that weight plus more in the last year. Put it this way November 2009 I was 8 and a half stone. Today, 21st Feb 2011 I am 13 stone 6lbs.

When I did LL last time I stuck to it 100% - it was like I had tunnel vision and couldn't be swayed. But now I'm re-starting almost on a daily basis and screwing up by 10am. Last week I had a perfect week and lost 6lbs yay. so as a "reward" I have been stuffing my face with rubbish.

How how howwwwwwwwwww to get my mojo back?????

I have joined Cambridge SS+ (because it's cheaper and I want to drink cups of tea!) and I am due for my week 4 weigh in on wed (don't want to go!)... and I know i've lost in total about 10lbs from the start - I SHOULD have lost abotu a stone and a half it id stuck to it.

I'm SO so sooo upset. I want to be thin again - SO much - obviously not enough to stop the bingeing.... it's liek theres someone sitting on my shoulder encouragine me to break my diet ... just chipping away at me all day.

please help.

tomorrow i am starting AGAIN... again. I am going to stick to this 100% I really miss the counselling sessions that came with LL. I found them SO helpful. I wish I could get hold of the DVDs we used to watch. - Fantastic CBT.

sorry - long 1st post.
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hi , well done on your success with LL in the past .. you have done it before so I am sure you can do it again .
The problem with VLCDs is that they only work if you are 100 % and for that your need to get your head in the right place ... do you think if you came off for a week or 2 and tried to get this motivation and get back in the zone it would help ?? The longer you do a diet like CD , but mess around , the more disheartened you get and the more likely you are to fall off the wagon .
or you could set a day ( tomorrow is always good ) and tell yourself that this is it ... you have to be focused, there is no messing around ... you know you can do it , and you know that if yu stick 100 % for 4-5 days that it gets loads easier .......

obvious advise .. keep drinking the water , keep busy and if you are on te verge of eating .. stop and really think .. think about the fact you have lost 10 lb .. when it could have been much more .. stop and think exactly how it makes you feel when you cheat .. stop and tell yourself that if you still really really want tat food in an hour you can have it .. or have another shake ( I do this when I am struggling )

I hope you manage to get back on track hun xx


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Well done for the weight that you have lost! I try to find other ways to reward, comfort and treat myself rather than with food. If you have lost weight treat yourself to a massage or a manicure rather than food. I have not mastered it myself yet but I use food to enhance pretty much any emotion I am feeling and am trying to replace the comfort or treat food with other things.