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  1. aaisha

    aaisha Member

    i started cambridge three weeks ago

    my start weight was 12 stone exactly(im five ft 3)
    in the first week i lost 5pounds
    in the second week it was my birthday and i messed up and only lost a pound-which i was happy with because i thought i would have put on more

    now im nearly finishing my third week.. my auntis introduced me to this herbal tea that surpresses appetite..the only thing is its makin me so unhungry i dont even want my cambridge normally just having a bar and half a this bad?

    secondly,ideally i want to get down to 9/9 and a half stone.iv never been overweight before but starting uni and goin thru an insane breakup led me to pile on the pounds.

    my family keep telin me cambridge is bad and im gona put al the weight bak on so heres my dilemma

    do i

    a) stop cambridge now and just take this herbal tea and eat stuff like skinless chicken/tuna etc

    b.) wean myself off cambridge now up the steps slowly(but wil this mean i wont lose that much weight..and i wont get down to 9 stone)

    c.) carry on sole sourcing until i reach my target weight and then wean myself off...and how long do u rekon thtd take?

    i was plannin on weaning myself off now and start going to the gym,but im worried cos ur nto allowed to exercise on a low calorie diet? and im scared im gna put the weight back on

    i dont know what to do!!
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  3. Kitteh

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    its all about focus i think.. if you feel in your heart you want to carry on with ssing.. and just put your mind to it.. you can do it.. it is a hard diet.. trust me.. i know.. lol..
    i still exercise.. not as much as someone on higher calories than me.. but i still do.. and i think it helps..
    maybe give it a week of ssing and really light exercise.. cd does work.. ive seen other people lose massive amounts..

    x x
  4. aaisha

    aaisha Member

    i do really want to carry on with ss cos to be honest,i dont really find it that difficult,i dont get hungry..i just miss food wen its around if tht makes sense.but im worried if i carry on doin it,get to my target weight,and then wean myself off il stil put it bak on..iv been lookin at other websites n they say tht this u stil lose weight wen ur weanin urself off i.e the 810cal and the 1000 cal? or not
  5. Porgeous

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    Hiya hun and welcome to minis!

    Firstly, yes you do need to have all your packs whether you are hungry or not as they contain all the nutrients your body needs and without the you can go into starvation mode which will actually slow your weight loss. Not sure what tea it is you are taking but it shouldn't really be necessary when doing CD as ketosis is a natural appetite supressant.

    Tricky to know what you should do because only you really know what is right for you personally.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  6. Minz

    Minz Maintainer

    If you have all the shakes (and get off that special tea) you will find you are in a better place to make a's not good not to have all the shakes as they provide you with your much needed nutrition. Good luck with whatever you decide....we all have lows, but the highs make up for them. x
  7. cicerone

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    Hi, I cant tell you what to do, but only my own experience.
    I had decided after numerous diets that this was my one and only chance. I started at 13.2 and have lost 19lbs in a month. I feel great. I have 19lbs to go., and have told myself that when I get to my target I can then start to train myself to eat properly and never go back to what I was. Its hard, but I am now seeing the benefits. I know I have to have 3 packs a day, whether I am hungry or not, and I do this. I also exercise. Not major things, but I have started walking a lot., instead of taking the bus or car. I also have an exercise video I do at home, and I take the time to pamper myself too.
    I have decided that this is the time to do something for me. To get my confidence back and be happy in my own skin.
    There are lots of different ways to do that, but only you can decide for yourself which is best for you.
    I wish you good luck in whatever you decide, and whatever you choose you will have people on here routing for you.
  8. aaisha

    aaisha Member

    i think iv decided to carry on doing this until i reach my target weight

    the only problem muslim and ramadan-fasting is starting at the end of august and im pretty sure 2 stone isnt gona drop off me in 4 add to that in the 3rd week of ramadan im going to saudi arabia for a pilgramage thing with my mom and i def wont be able to do cambridge there so i dont know what to do again

    i hate how theres problem after problem!!
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