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please help lol


Always welcome new m8's!
Black coffee with a sweetner helps with me.

If you get desprate another shake will do it

DONT cave

Im in exactly the same situation, your not alone


Peace Love Happiness
Yes it does get better, my only advice is to do as little as possible, day four for me was the worst. If you can have tomorrow off work it might help.

hugs and good luck xxxxx


I will do this!!!
you could have a black tea or coffee?? Trust me it does get better....a lot better! Im on week7 now and i couldn't give a monkies about food all i care about now is losing the weight!
Hi Terry a hot drink may help, I am living off peppermint tea as it seems to satisfy me. I am only on day 3 myself so am right with you x


I will do this!!!
you shouldn't have more than the 3 shakes a day. Plus if you do then you'll be 1 short later in the week!!! I would have a black coffee/tea with sweetners then go to bed. Just take it easy for the next few days then you'll feel so much better
i wish i could take the day off work ,im onli on 7.30am till 5 tmz so thats all good as i was on 9.30am till 10pm today was fine all day till i got home.,,,,, when does it get better ??


Always welcome new m8's!
Idealy no your only meant to have 3 but today i had to have a 4th as i was in tears with hunger. Id rather have a shake than food.


I will do this!!!
well if you have 4 shakes then your eating a portion more of calories! You'll feel better at the beginning of next week
thanks,fingers crossed hey that i do it ,,get to monday do my weigh in and c a good result hopefully ,this forum helps i think i reali would ov given into food if it wasnt for this xxx thanks all:)
I have found it challenging but am trying very hard to see all the effects such as hunger, foggy head etc as being all part of the process and therefore positive. Reading through other peoples posts here helps distract me as does the tea, and seeing the fantastic weight losses just inspire me to keep going.
I also work long hours worked from 0830 today till 7 and like you can't take time off. But we can do this Terri xx
Weigh in on saturday as 1st day was sunday and difficult for me to get to the pharmacy on Monday with work etc.So just have to cope with 1 day less this week and 1 more week 2 lol
Hi Terri, How did today go for you any better?? I am on day 4 now and have to say felt on a high all day even forgot to have my second shake as I ended up working like a lunatic from 8:30 till 7 !! So had to catch up with that when I finally got home from work with a strawberry milkshake and just had my hot chocolate.


Getting there!!!
i find making the chocolate into a mousse is fab!! its soooooooooooo filling!!!!! i use about 60ml water and a fork to whisk it into a paste like...its up to you how thick u prefer it...:)
Idealy no your only meant to have 3 but today i had to have a 4th as i was in tears with hunger. Id rather have a shake than food.
I haven't cottoned to that but will hopefully do that on really bad days. It is -as you say -better to have a shake than food.

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