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Please help me with OUT


supposed to be working!
S: 11st6lb G: 8st8lb
Hi all, I am new at this - starting my CD tomorrow (I've been waiting for my shakes which I finally got today). I want to do ss for the next 1 week and want nothing to delay me, but I have 2 problems:
1. One of my dear friends has just broken up with her bf and I'm seeing her tomorrow for some TLC - we are going to her fave macaroni and cheese joint upon her request (even though I asked we go to a salady place, I agreed we can do what she wants). I am DREADING it to a point I want to cancel but should not of course as she is a friend. What should I do??

2. This weekend I've been invited up to Boston by my friends for the weekend as they are trying to set me up with this hot doctor :) I really want to go but again, want to cancel so I can continue with my ss unhindered.

Usually I am by myself but I suddenly have all these dates lined up, I dont know what to do about my CD ss?!

Please help!

(Thank you! BBxxx)
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Proper Little Madam
Hiya there BB

Personally I would explain to her that your are starting your CD journey and could she come to your house for some TLC. You could maybe get her a takeaway and you have your shakes and plenty of water as you both have a chat and gossip. If you want to go to Boston, take your shakes with you - just try to avoid foodie places.
CD only lasts for a small period of time compared to the rest of your life, so it's worth the commitment and sacrifice.

Whatever you decide, good luck with CD...and have a great first week.

Love Gaynor x x


Cambridge Consultant
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Its up to you hon how you want to do it..
You can either do all the things you want to do have your macaroni cheese and wait to start cambridge after..

Or you can start ss and explain to your friend that you are starting the cd and that you are happy for her to have her favourite meal but you are going to have a soup or shake.. it just depends on how you want to do it hon .

For me personally when I started the cd diet I decided that anything that was coming up I would just stick to my shakes etc and still go to things but just have my shakes we are all different and its for you to decide how you want to play it..

Good luck with whatever decision you decide to make..


supposed to be working!
S: 11st6lb G: 8st8lb
Thank you ladies, I really appreciate the input. This morning I am beginning to relax a bit and thinking I dont eat for others I eat for me, so tonight I will stick to my shake while she has the mac'n'cheese. And in Boston I will take my shakes with me and do ss+.
Really want to start today I cant wait any longer :)
Thank you! xx

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