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They are very high on carbs I'm afraid, as S&E posted, 30Gr carbs is a lot for a 100 gram.
Yes, nuts are high in carbs. They are also very good for you. The best way to go, provided you are in Ongoing Weight Loss and have reached the nuts/seeds rung, is to weigh them before nibbling. I eat nuts most days.

I found that too many - and not as many as I would have liked - slowed and even stalled my weight loss. I have to be strict about the quantity I eat. Not everyone has this problem but it is wise to take care, just in case.
Nuts are so yummy, it's a shame they are high in carbs! It is difficult to eat just a few so I recommend actually weighing them out rather than guessing amounts.
Laura C, thanks for your post. I’m going to try Atkins diet and I wasn’t aware that at the beginning of diet I shouldn’t eat nut at all. That’s pity; today I bought quite a lot of nuts, now they are going to tempt me
Oh no!
ive bought some dry roasted peants this morning too for a snack!
80g for the whole bag. 40g = 4.4g carbs and 3.7g fibre so i thought it was 0.7g net carb for half the bag! I have only had a few... im sure a few is ok on early stages of atkins? specially if i need to raise my fat intake?
ur kidding me? i didnt know that! ive been subtracting fibre for some foods that i buy!!! oh no! ah well it was always low carb anyway i just used to mak myself happy taking the fiber of it aswell!!

so ALL uk packaging carb is net carb?
LOL over 8 years on Atkins here, OK I'm in maint, but I was in OWL for years.

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