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Please Help me!!!

I joined WW online in May and didnt really follow it, well for the last two weeks, I have really tried and I haven't lost a single pound!!!

This is really depressing me!!!

Typically I'm eating

Melon and bannana from breakfast

4 Ryvita cracker breads with two slices of ham on each for lunch with cucumber, muller light and maybe a packet of skips depending on how i'm feeling.

Dinner has normally been meat or fish, with salad and maybe a jacket potatoe.

I'm having two cups of coffee a day with a sweetner.

Snacking on oranges and banannas!

What am i doing wrong!

If I dont loose something soon, I'm getting fish and chips!!!

Any help or encouragement would be really helpful about now!!!

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I'm not following WW myself, so ignore what I say if it goes against ww advice. I was just wondering how many bananas you're eating. They are good for you but I would suggest no more than 1 small one a day while you are loosing weight. Citrus fruit and berries are better for weight loss. Are you able to phone your consultant?
Well because I'm doing it online, I dont really get any support, so all I have are the lovely people here to help! I'm thinking of going along to a meeting next week to have a chat with them, but I'm pretty sure I will have to pay again...different memberships you see.

Sometimes if I'm honest I'm having 2-3 bananas a day, so do you reckon I should cut this down to one? I'm allergic to most berries so have to be careful. Instead of berries, I have arrived in work this morning with a bag of clementines!!!

I just dont know where I am going so wrong....I'm also working out, so maybe I could have a chat with a trainer at my gym.

Loosing all hope! I want to loose two-three stone by March, so not looking for a miracle!



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I would cut down on the bananas a bit. Good idea to ask your trainer at the gym. I'm sure lots of WW people on here will have some good advice for you - and stay away from those fish and chips lol!
I do ww online so the only advice I get is off forums but i used to do se and they advised no more than 1 banana a day buy they also advised you have fruits not just one type several times a day.

You could have banana for breakfast, clementines mid morning and grapes or a pear or an apple mid afternoon.

Good luck x

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Aw thank you, I think I will get my support then from online...do you know where I can get take away food values from??

I had a chinese on friday, and haven't been able to track it, I know I saved up enough points, as I didn't use my weeklys and went spinning three times last week, so I cant see it coming to 79 pps?
Yeah hon you could be eating a lil too much fruit perhaps? I cut down on my banana intake last week and lost a pound so there ya go! Maybe you need more fibre too? Just to be sure you're "going"enough hehe. Drink a litre of water a day if you can too (spread it out, not all at once). Keep at it, I STS for 2 weeks but lost last week... Maybe its just slower for us to lose?!

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Take away pp's aren't really available. On the ww website they have values of restaurant meals but not take aways. What did you have and I'll try to help x

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Hi looking at your food diary you do not seem to be eating enough how many points are you on.You need to point all your food online on the ww site and ensure you eat all your points. If you do a food diary with everything pointed for one full week and post it on here i am sure someone will check it for you good luck x
Hi, I'm no expert but you mention "saving" points?
the propoints plan is designed for you to use their entire daily allowance, the points don't carry over for the next day. the weekly allowance and activity points are designed for use for takeaways or for a little extra every day. it's up you how you use them.
I know I found it hard to use my full allowance at the start and was not losing. when I started eating more I did lose weight....go figure. of course that's means eating more of the right stuff, but still allowing yourself a treat each day.
Personally I tend to use up my daily allowance plus a couple from my weeklies each day. If I know I have something on at the weekend, I save the weeklies, but still don't feel like i'm starving myself.
Try to think of it like a lifestyle change rather than a diet!
Hi Boofle,

I'm on 32 pp per day, and seem to be eating them all, apart from Ham, I'm not sure how to measure one portion, but I think I am doing the rest correctly? I am tracking my food on my iphone and planning a day in advance. I'm using my weeklys for any extra treats on the weekend....I think I'll post this weeks food diary next week and see what you all have to say. Thanks for that!!! xxx

Woodsette, by saving points, I meant I hadn't used my weeklys and kept my activity points, sorry that was me being a dofus and not being clear. I've been eating my 32 per day and saving the rest for that treat we all hold dear!!
I'm not finding it hard eating my points, I'm a bit of a gym junkie and have been for a long time, but not lost any weight which is why I'm giving this ago. I'm finding it harder on weekends, which i suppose everyone does.

Another silly mistake I've made is to weigh myself more than once a week (more like once a day) and trust me, its a real bad idea!!!
I suppose its all a learning curve, I'll get there...I hope!

Thanks for your help!!!



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Hi yes post diary and we will have a look also do not keep hopping on and off scales weight fluctuates very much try to get into the habit of same time same place to get accurate result lol x
Hi Spanky,
don't forget that if you are doing a lot of gym work there is a good chance that you are gaining muscle. Have you been taking measurements of your arms, waist, hips etc. on a regular basis.

If you are losing inches you are still doing the right thing. 1kg of muscle and 1kg of fat weigh the same, they just take up different amounts of space. So if you have lost a few inches / cm's from you measurements you are still heading in the right direction. A weighing scale only measures the overall weight of the body. It does not take into account how much of that weight is made up by muscle, and how much by fat. For that you need to buy a body fat measure or a pair of scales that incorporates one.

At the end of the day for most people on a diet we are aiming to fit into the special dress or suit or a certain size of clothing. Its our body dimensions / measurements that tell us what we can and can't wear. Weight is just one of the indicators that we use.
Thank Lennis!

I have been measuring myself, in one month at the beginning of the year, I lost a total of 10 inches from around my body, but this seems to have stopped now too! I did pay for a personal trainer for a session and she has given me a work out to compliment what I am already doing....its just very frustrating....I do work at it, but no one seems to believe me as I stay the same!! hahahaha

I think I really disheartened myself by weighing myself too often last week, I feel like I'm loosing this week so the scales will show on Tuesday!!! eeekkk!!!

Thanks again for your help, everyone here is so lovely!


Im new on here, but also following weight watchers pro points. Don't get disheartned, I didn't lose anything in my 1st week and then the following week I lost 6lb's! I was amazed, but then I sts for the next 3 weigh ins before losing 3lb this week. So many times before I wanted to give up when I didn't lose, but I'm so glad I stuck at it. If your working hard in the gym made your gaining muscle? And muscle weighs more than fat, so if your losing inches it could be better than what the scales are saying!

Good luck! x
Thanks Mrsj83;'

I feel a bit better knowing someone else has stayed the same and then lost, everyone is so successful so it is so easy to get yourself into a panic, I try everyday and everyday I start afresh!

Hopefully my manic July diary will calm down after this week and I wont have the weekend sabotaging me!!!

Good Luck with your loss!!! What I would give to loose 9lb!

I weighed in again yesterday and stayed the same again, very frustrating but it may have been down to the fact I used 42 weeklies on alcohol on saturday night!
Fingers crossed for next monday!!

Keep up with it, it will happen eventually!! :eek:

Trudy xx
Oh dear!!!

The booze is what gets me every time too!!!

I'm still going for it! Waiting for that week when all of a sudden I'm a skinny minnie!

Good Luck with Monday, let me know how you get on!!!

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