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Please Help Me..


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Hi lou Lou! How are you? I won't lie to you, this first couple of days are kindda tough but when the weight literally starts to drop off you then you will feel amazing. The only tips that I can think of =is to drink loadsa water and set minimins as your homepage!


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hey lou, good luck with ur diet and we are all here if u ever need support! u can get lots of info from this site and help and support and a kick up the bu when its needed!
Hiya Lou and welcome to minimins oo and good luck on what will be one of the most rewarding, amazing journey's of your life....yes it will be tough but with steel motivation and that burning desire to reach your goal and the support from friends and family and the folks on minmins you WILL succeed!!!! OH and remember the more water u drink the more u'll shrink :-D xx
thanks peeps..only been on here a few moments abd you guys are talking to me already,,how great is tha..i thank you all..please just be out there..coz boy am i gonna need ya all..thanks..lou..x
The support here is amazing, so do stick around:) I'm convinced I would have given up CD on day 2 if it wasn't for minimins people! Are you going to be doing SS or one of the other plans Lou?
Hi mochaj...im going to be ss....i think my main worry is going to be getting through all the water..also im a chef...so as you can imagine its gonna be tough at work...im excited but dreading it too...thanks..xx
Hello and welcome!
please can you guys tell me how i pick my thread up tomorrow when i log in,, i would like to come on every day,,just to say how im doing..hope you all dont mind..x
Just look down the list of threads to find it Lou, if it's not showing try page 2 and it will be there somewhere. It's a good idea to keep your thread going and keep posting about your progress, or have a bit of a rant if you need some support :)
hi guys...well im nearly through day one..ive managed to have four n half litres of water..bit of a slog..i kinda piled me way through it this morning then spent the rest of the day running to the loo...how does all this water work, coz i seem to have got rid of all what i drunk today...can any body explain please..thanks for being out there somewhere..xx
Hi Lou

there's a useful thread in the stickies at the top of this forum about how water works on this diet. Have a read, it's really good. Well done today!


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