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i posted this on another thread but no one replied and i really need your help :(

i was following a healthy eating plan and lost just over half a stone in two weeks (which i think was probably just water weight ) but today i was bad, very bad it was a collegues birthday and i had a piece of birthday cake. im truely fed up of this and want to see the results quicker. from being on here ive seen people talk of these diets but not really known much about it. i want to start the lipotrim diet so can someone tell me exactly what it entales? food wise? drink wise? exercise wise?? im also worried as i dont know if it is possible to actually do it over here as i live in guernsey and couldnt see any pharmacies someone help me pleaseeee :( xxxxxx
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It is bascially a vlcd you live on 3packs a day and drink as much water as you can! no even need to excercise the weight will come of anyway but it will help with tonning and that. im not on LT but im sure there will be more people along soon to help :)
Ah don't beat yourself up over a bit of cake!! However on LT that isn't even an option, its TOTAL FOOD REPLACEMENT, so no food whatsoever!! Three shakes a day (or yucky soup-sorry Garry) and thats it, black tea or coffee and at least 4 pints of water a day, more if possible. Exercise helps but not necessary, probably best to leave it for the first couple of weeks. First 5 days are hard, but if you get through them you will be fine. I can guarantee you will get fantastic support on this forum, everyone here is so helpful and encouraging. Look forward to seeing you on the LT train!!!


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Very low calorie diet x
Very Low Calorie Diet, LT is 400 cals per day
ah right i see! i looked on the site and it doesnt say theres a pharmacy participating in guernsey where i live. is it possible to do it through your GP or something does anyone know? xx


Says it as it is!!!
ah right i see! i looked on the site and it doesnt say theres a pharmacy participating in guernsey where i live. is it possible to do it through your GP or something does anyone know? xx
Some GP's do it .... but, not all... heres a free phone number for LT they are very helpful and i am sure they will have the answers you need 0800 413735 Good luck
Well u can always try the doctors - if you can do CD it would be a good option for you if there is a someone in your area who does it.

You can get them on ebay but there is risk involved and also more expensive.

I would research the Cambridge Diet in your area...

Good luck - doing a TFR diet is a great step in totally changing your habits and creating a better lifestyle xox
hello I live in Jersey and there actually a number of chemists that offer lipotrim. You will need to phone around the smaller chemists in Guernsey and check. I have been on Lipotrim for 3 weeks and have lost a stone and 5lbs. It is a very hard diet though as you are only allowed shakes and black coffee or tea without milk and you need to drink a huge amount of water. If you have a hectic social life where going out for food/ alcohol is a daily weekly event then this is probably not for you.


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Pssssst.... Ebay..... ;)

(I didn't tell you if anyone asks...)


Says it as it is!!!
lol HD you will be getting told off again
struggling! you live in jersey? fantastic!! well done on the weight loss already! i will try and enquire and ring round tomorrow to find out. my social life has fizzled out and the alst 3 months i havent been out at all at the week ends as i feel so fat and ugly compared to my friends so im willing to sacrific a few months of being a recluse to finally be gorgeous haha xxx


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... sacrifice a few months of being a recluse to finally be gorgeous haha xxx
Going by your avatar there's absolutely no 'finally' about it... :) I wish I had 2 pairs of arms so I could give that pic 4 thumbs up :D
haha i have angles!! plus u cant see my body! i am a complete pear...who is also big on top....do they have a 'fruit body shape' for just big people like a coconut or a pineapple perhaps...xxx
me too... thats the way i feel... and believe me it is really worth it and to help you along your hermit lifestyle i would highly recommend...

1.) Slendertone ab belt (takes 8 weeks by this time all fat will be dissolved and your amazing tummy will look cool ;))
2.) Slendertone arms (as above only toned arms in 8 weeks)
3.) Wii Fit (very cool and keeps u on track)
4.) This forum of course
5.) Walking - in the evenings so u dont snack
6.) Long hot baths
7.) Nice creams to ensure your skin stays nice
8.) Start getting your nails done if u dont already
9.) Plan a new hair style
10.) Think positive and enjoy :)
11.) Flirting with Howdy (he loves it) ;)
Hi Delialah, Another VLCD is All About W8 and you can order you meal replacement on line and have them posted to you. Support is available via email or phone. Just another option for you to consider.
Maggie Consultant for All About W8

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