Please help! Meal ideas?


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Looking back over my journal, I've been eating a lot of the same sorts of food. If it's not one particular meal/snack it's another. My dad's going food shopping tomorrow, so making the list now... Does anyone have any suggestions for meals that aren't too high in points? This includes breakfasts (I have the same one nearly every day).

I'm not a big fan of fruit. Orange juice is about as far as I will go.

I do however like vegetables, unfortunately I kinda went OTT with veg before I started the diet. I'm a little bored of cauliflower and broccoli, and I've been having peas quite a bit lately (half a point for a tablespoon).

I don't like mushrooms... and tomatoes depend on my mood! lol

The main meat and fish I have is chicken, beef, tuna and cod.

I'm pretty boring really, but need some ideas so I'm not having crackers, and beans on toast all the time. And cereal or toast for every breakfast!
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Hi Sparkle

I am the worlds worst person to advise on recipies etc as I am a typical "dont cook, wont cook" type of person. :D I am just useless in the kitchen.!! Good thing OH is a great cook.

The one thing I find invaluable is my points calc, so I can buy 'normal' foods etc, and point everything up! Have you got one of those ??? they really are fantastic! it just means anything you buy if it has the cals & sat fat.. you can work out value! So you can have variety. Had loads of new things this week, and just worked the points out.

I have got some old WW booklets, that do have a few recipies in if you would like them ?? might have somethings in there that you fancy doing.

If you pm me your address will pop them in the post. :D

All best

Deb x


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I must admit to being lazy just now and using ready meals.

I know its not much use just now but ebay have a lot of WW books, especially recipe ones for just a pound or two.


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Thanks Deb, I think I'll take you up on that!

Starlight - I think I'll have a look on ebay to see what they have.

Thanks Mini!!

Well I went and actually joined WW tonight! Mainly to get the booklets and to buy a few bits, I don't know if I'll go back, it depends on how I do when I weigh myself on Monday (that's still my personal weigh day).

The new books are great, especially the one with the meal planner for the first week. Here are the meals I've come up with so far:

Weetabix and Raisins - 3 points

Boiled egg and Soldiers - 3 points

Porridge and Raisins - 2.5 points

Egg, Beans, and Toast - 3.5 points

Cornflakes and Banana - 3 points

I'll probably have a glass of Orange Juice with all of these - just to help me towards my '5 a Day'.

Lunches / Light Meals
Tuna Roll and Apple - 3.5 points

Ryvitas, Cheese Spread and Banana - 4 points

Ham Salad, Grapes and Muller Light - 3.5 points

Beans on Toast - 3 points

Cheese (spread) and Pickle Sandwiches and Apple - 4.5 points

With all of these I'll probably add a salad, again to help with the '5 a Day'.

Roast Chicken, Potatoes, Veg and Gravy - 5 points

Ham, Mashed Pots, and Beans - 3 points

Fish Cake, Chips and Beans - 5.5 points

Cold Chicken, Mash and Beans - 4 points

Sausage, Mash, Veg and Gravy - 5.5 points

Jacket Pot, and Tuna (& Mayo) - 4 points


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That looks very good Sparkle:)

It is great that you are pointing them as I found it difficult enough to find receipes on the internet that had the actually points along side, if any.

Nice to see food that we all do eat pointed.

Love Mini xxx