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Please Help - super speedy challenge diary


Fighting the bulge

This link goes to my 1 week diary for the Speedy foods challenge - including the speedy soup.

I have been COMPLETELY honest about everything that i have eaten!! All drink that is not stated has just been tap water and ive been having over 2 litres daily.

Over the week i have consumed 163.5 syns which is 58 over the allowance but i did have a flexi syn day on saturday for 40 syns but this went way over with cocktails for my anniversary, does this justify my 1lb gain? Or am i ok to hope more will come off next week as i am having a star week?!

Your comments would be much apprechiated.

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hi Pesty, thought I would stop by and see if I can offer any help.

Looking at your food diary, not sure I can offer anything positive.

I have found if I eat to much fruit it can have an adverse reaction so I try to eat a lot more veg than fruit.

What about fat, are you getting much into your diet. I believe that the body needs a little fat to have a healthy balanced diet.

I have something a little fatty everyday even if its a bag of quaver/friench fries within my syns or some full fat cheese as part of my hea.

Just throwing ideas of the top of my head, and trying to give you food for thought (pardon the pun) maybe it will spark a thought in your head.

Good luck :D


Fighting the bulge
Thank you for your responses!!

I am willing to try anything!! I think i will cut down a bit on fruit and keep my veg up :)

Everything i have eaten is on that list and I dont always have my HEXs which i know is a bit naughty so did have them yesterday and today for breakfast. It's brown bread that i eat.

Do you think this justifies gaining 1lb - would you be disappointed if this was your diary?



needs to focus!!!!
If it is brown bread you definitely need to syn this huni, or change to wholemeal and use as HEB, and you really need to have your HE's. Have a fresh start today and follow the plan carefully and see if that makes a difference. xx


Fighting the bulge
I really never knew this, i always though that it was either brown or wholemeal but just not granary!! - ive just googled a picture of it and i think it might be wholemeal - i will have to check when i get home.

I will try harder this week for the weekend - im going to the Chelsea v Man City game sunday and so will have to take free foods with me :)



needs to focus!!!!
haha - i've been good at the footy, got a season ticket for hearts up here, and have not been having a pie at half time the last couple of games, its so hard not too as well, but i've been making sure i've been having a late breakfast so i'm not as hungry and i just get either a bovril or a hot chocolate now. xx


Fighting the bulge
Well kick off is at 12 and im going with my OH and his friend last time we went together over the course of 12 hours i drank 15 pints of cider (so of which were cans) and few vodkas :eek: haha

This weekend im going to drink diet coke on the way down there 2 vodkas in the pub before hand and maybe one afterwards (only if i fancy a drink) im going to try and be sensible food wise because i cant handle losing so slowly as i am at the moment - ive tried super hard to be good and only lost 2 1/2 lbs since i started group!! Im getting really upset!! I just dont know what else to do!

Hi Pesty,

Your diary looks good and has lots of variety. The changes I would make in addtion to those already stated (eating more veg than fruit and using wholemeal instead of brown bread) are
  • have a bigger/or more filling breakfast, so where you are having soup also have a slice of wholemeal toast and maybe some cheese to use up your HexA. This will keep you fuller for longer so you are less likely to snack
  • make sure you use extra lean mince in your meat balls or otherwise syn the mince
  • try to have one yoghurt per day
  • 3 weight watchers or eat smart sausages are 1.5 syns instead of 15 syns for the richmonds
When you go to the match, take some cous cous cake and half this with tea/coffee at half time - probably not as nice as the pies, but it does the trick for me.

Hope this helps and here's to a good week.


needs to focus!!!!
they are some good ideas that goonersck01 have gave you huni.

i'm the same, i've only lost 5lb since starting back, not doing the best, but i am quite focused just now.

i've always drank pints of cider before and after the football, but when i have been having a drink i have went to vodka and diet irn bru, but even the last couple of times, i haven't bothered with alcohol and just stuck with the diet irn bru. xx


Fighting the bulge
Thanks for your advice...

I have trouble eating breakfast and do force myself to eat what i do have as it makes me feel quite sick eating in the morning :(

I agree with your mice point - i read a forum yesterday clarifying the amount of syns mince is and i was shocked!!! I will be purchasing extra lean instead of lean going forward!!

I am going to try to have one yoghurt per day as suggested as i dont really like the activia ones anyway lol but need them for my digestion.

Thanks for the sausage info - i was round my OHs and hung over so i didnt have much say - although i should have just refused them!! I can find any that i like so im just going to stop having sausages i think!!

Thanks for the cous cous cake - do you have the recipe as i cant find it in the recipe section?? I made a really nice chickpea cake yesterday so i may take this and need to find something savoury, small and unmessy to take also as i only have a small bag.

Thanks again for the advice!!



I want to be fitter again
My feeling is, if you have gone over by that many syns then you haven't stuck to the plan and you will put on weight. You also have had quite a few extras so i certainly wouldn't start making the cous cous cake unless you are making a savoury one for a main meal. The amount you can eat after a meal could account for a lot of extra food. I personally wouldn't worry about the extra fruit here and there as that is the healthy food we are meant to eat. How about keeping exactly to plan for a week, write before you bite and if you don't know its value look it up before eating it. Good luck x


Fighting the bulge
Yea it is good!!!

I always do!! Im the kind of girl that can so much as walk into a sweet shop and put on 1lb let alone eating anything!!

Therefor i have to be sure i know the syns of the things that im having otherwise it would be a nightmare!! Like what happened this week with the cocktails!! lol


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