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Hi everyone, have been on slimming world for about four weeks now and have lost about 5lb with the odd 1/2 a pound gain due to *week.

I am upset cos this week all went to pot:(.
I am due to see my mum after not seeing her for 2 years due to a dispute. Have been so stressed this week and have eaten myself silly. Didn't attend my weigh in as I knew I would only be disappointed having put on.
However, it doesn't stop there. Having got back on track today, I am due to see my mum tomorrow and we're going to Starbucks and then it's my birthday Saturday and me, my boyfriend and a few mates are going out to an Indian all u can eat buffet!
I really want to stay on track and lose for next week... what do I do? any advice??
I feel like such a failure having stuffed myself :cry:

Any advice welcome xxx
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You could try success express, it might not help with a loss but possibly a STS.

Look and see what to choose in starbucks that will do the least damage, I only drink tea so I can't help.

At the buffet stick to plain rices and less fattening sauces avoid coconut.


Nojo on the YoYo
Starbucks: Americana coffee with skim milk, count it as your HE for the day, it is just plain coffee with a dash.

Buffet, as the lady above said, stick to plain rice, salads and plain meat with little or no sauce. Swerve passanda and any cream-based sauces at all costs. Light tomatoey sauces better. Have tandoori if they have it. No poppadoms or chutney or any of the fun stuff, boo! drink diet sodas or water, maybe swig a biiiig pint of water before you go to the buffet, try and fill yourself up so you only feel like picking at bits and pieces.

if you're really serious and really want it, you'll do it. If you don't want to then you won't. Either way, i reckon you should face up to whatever gain or STS you have next week, then from class day onwards, take it as your first WI ever, remember your first two weeks, look at them! 5lbs off each week! What did you do on those weeks? What did you eat? How did you manage.

Next WI day is the start of a whole new you... You can do it!!
Thanks guys! does anyone know the password for the sw site. I didn't go to class yesterday?
last week i had a bad week and ate my weight in cakes! and then went to a chinese buffet.i just made sure that the rest of the week i was extra good.i put on 1lb but only 1lb!

look at the slimming world website and see what food is lower in syns.
for the buffet save all your syns and HEs for it.try to go for sauces that arnt creamy.

or jst take this week off and next week start fresh with maybe a SE week?
Thanks guys! does anyone know the password for the sw site. I didn't go to class yesterday?
Hi Tanya,
We won't post the password on here, it's against the rules!
You could either text or call your consultant and she'll tell you, or the password from the previous week should work as it does give you access for a fortnight.
Jay xx

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