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Please Help :(

Today, the OH and I are having a day to ourselves doing things that we love. So far we have been swimming this morning, out for lunch this afternoon (I was good and had a mixed grill) and cinema this afternoon. We are going to the cinema again tongith at 7:20 but I really REALLY want a pizza from downstairs before or after lol. Want one so bad but i know that if I do then I will be really angry at myself and will feel guilty. But then if i dont eat it then nothing else is good enough to beat it, you know what I mean!?

Help :( someone give me some strength!! x
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Nojo on the YoYo
SJ hun you have been so good all day, swimming and everything! Why don't you make something yummy at home to come home to? Make a SW takeaway equivalent. I've just mentioned to someone else on here about super easy fried rice and even though I've been out for dinner today (had a FISH mixed grill, which was amazing, no sausage or onion ring awooga awooga temptations there) I could just go some of that myself for supper! So I might make it. That's what Extra Easy days are for!

Good luck girlie. PS. Pizza is akin to spending ten quid for cheese on toast. Don't do it!!
Thats the other thing Vix, I made a curry last night right, it came to 9 syns and yet I felt so guilty for eating it all. Every take away meal that i'm kaing I feel guity for eating and because of that i'm just thinking f**k it, i'll just have a proper take away because i'm feeling guilty and down lol


Nojo on the YoYo
but 9 syns is less than 15 syns hun! Why are you feeling guilty for eating something that's within your syns?

Maybe you're on for the 8 week diet fatigue point. Maybe you need a blowout, take the small gain on the chin and start afresh. But only if you KNOW you'll start afresh.

I've been hankering after a giant KFC for weeks and weeks but I haven't caved yet. And i'm someone who used to be able to pound down a family feast and sill have room for the Vienetta!

I still maintain than pizza is a tenner for cheese on toast and I won't have it on that principle alone!
I know for a fact I can have a blow out day and then be fine again tomorrow but deep down I know I shouldnt because i dont want to lol.

Rar rar rar, this is hard. I dont know how many syns I have used up today but I know I have a HEXB and a HEXA to use to make I will just do cheese on Nimble (brown - sorry lol) with some tommy sauce. Would you mind having a look at my diary for today and let me know if you think im on the right syn wave length? Thanks xx


Nojo on the YoYo
Yeah of course I will, let me pop along to the diaries section and i'll reply on there xx

PS cheese on white nimble is the cat's meow! AND a tenner less than a pizza! Result!!


I will succeed!!!
Come on girl you did so well having jacket tato instead of chips...why not have popcorn instead? Surely better for badness than pizza? xxx


Nojo on the YoYo
42g of light cheese for you on your pizza toasts babe. And make some SW chips to go with them to fill you up, a nice side of mushrooms and put some onion on your pizza, and have a little side salad to get your 1/3 superfree boost! :D


Nojo on the YoYo
Aw hun, you're so so welcome. You do the same for me with hints and tips when I need it :D

I'm watching the Sunday Come Dine With Me marathon and it's making me hungry. Have my trusty Batch Savoury Rice on hand to save me in a bit, lol. xx

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