please help


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
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hi after my first weigh in of 2010 ( put on 6:mad:) i have been finding it hard to get back on track . dont know wether to go to class for next 2 weeks as i was told by my leader i would have to rejoin because due to work i have got a course for 4 weeks at the end of month which i have to do which will take me up to the end of feb so am in a bit of a pickle as to go to class for the next 2 weeks and then have to rejoin or do i stay away until my course is over and try to get back on track and then go back? what would you do :confused::confused::confused: thanks
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I'd say rejoin ASAP otherwise the 6lbs might turn to 1st! Rejoining will give you the motivation you need to stick at it 100% whilst you're away on your course.


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Are there any classes near where your course is going to be?

Alternatively could you take those 4 weeks as holiday weeks?

If at all possible I'd suggest trying to find a local meeting to your course so you keep getting a regular 'dose' of encouragement x