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Please Help

Happy Friday Morning All,

I'm very upset today :( Got on the scales and put on weight. Dont know how or why. I have been 100% this week, drank lots of water, eaten lots of fruit and veg and stuck to the plan.

I know I am nearing my target weight but these last few lb's are really sticking and it's getting me down.

Has anyone else experianced this? If so, what can I do about it to kick start my weight loss again :( Please Help :(
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is getting better at it
cheer up :), is today your official weigh in,
when some one in our group is struggling to lose the consultant says to go back to basics and treat it like your starting all over again and read the books, if you dont want to do that then maybe try one of the menu plans in the mags,

good luck you will get there


Fighting the bulge
Weight Loss Plateau - When You Stop Losing Weight


Try this, i had a look at it whilst in another thread and it really is true. Most of us know all of the things written here but its a nice reminder!!

Good luck, keep at it - it will shift eventually :)


Fighting the bulge
Yeah today is my official WI day. Thanks for the link xx

Your welcome! Did you offically weigh in this morning or have you weighed at home for a sneaky peak?
You've done fantastically so far Sarah, though it must be very dissapointing to gain especially if you've stuck to it. Just think of what you've lost so far and try and keep positive. :)


Fighting the bulge
You have done really well so far, i can understand your frustration. Dont reach for the chocolate!! (unless you have enough syns :))

I think its a friday thing, im really craving naughtys today. I really wanted a hot chocolate but had an oxo cube drink instead :) lol
Awww Sarah I feel for you hun. I don't know if you're at work or home but what about filling up on free foods? You might find once you're full the craving will go away. Try and keep busy if you can. Good for you for posting how you feel it really is a problem shared a problem halved!

Im currently at work. So far I have eaten 2 Alpen Light bars and a muller light. Got 1/2 a honeydew melon, another muller and some low fat chilli chicken supernoodles for lunch later. Its a green day. Meh!

I think im going to have to go back to basics for a bit. Start on the EE (again) and stick to it constantly and hope for the best!

I appear to be having problems with fruit at the moment too. I'm eating it but it doesnt like me and is going straight through me. Maybe thats why I have gained this week? xx
I appear to be having problems with fruit at the moment too. I'm eating it but it doesnt like me and is going straight through me. Maybe thats why I have gained this week? xx
Sarah it could well be that! If you've got 'the runs' your body might be holding on to fluid. What sort of fruit do you eat? I find bananas do the opposite to me so maybe if you tried a couple of them? (to many boiled eggs too!) try drink plenty fluids so your body doesn't feel the need to hold onto it.



Strutting her stuff
The best thing I found was to mix things up. When you've been doind any plan for a while you get into a rut - same foods, same recipes, same HEs. My best advice is to try new things, different HEs every day, experiment with new foods and recipes. And exercise always helps if you are not already doing some.


Lover of Extra Easy
I am not sure what to say, as you have always done so well and are such a star.
However, I can say what has worked for me, though may not work for everyone, and I lost more nearing my target than through the whole plan.

  • I only ate when hungry and not at any specific meal times, so sometimes it was just one meal a day
  • Cut back on fruit and muller lights as I used to eat a lot of both
  • Ate a LOT of veg.. not only superfree but all veg
  • Drank a lot of water
  • Had my 15 syns each day
I still stick to the above, now that I have reached target, but have more HEXs and syns, and have STS the last 2 weeks, which is just right for me.

Good luck. You will get there!

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