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Please help

I'm on antibiotics and they are making absolutely starving!!!! I've already had my breakfast (weetabix) and lunch (last nights syn free shepards pie). I've only got strawberries and apples in super free oh and a couple of free mug shots but i was hoping to save them til later as we don't usually have tea til around 8 ish once we've put LO down.

Its actualy making me feel sick I feel that hungry, what should i do? I'm due to have another dose of antib's now as well :(
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i made a big bowl of free veg soup and there is loads of super free veg in it ... its easy to heat up and really tasty

other than that try and drink some more water as sometimes our body thinks we are hungry and we really are just thirsty. alot of tablets do increase the amount of fluids we need to get so i would try to drink a bit more and see if it helps :)

Thanks hun. If you get a chance could you let me have a rough recipie for your veg soup pls? Everytime I try and make one it tastes really bland :-/
yeah sure

the one i made i just bought 2 packs of pre cut and washed soup veg and also 2 extra packs of pre cut and washed carrots put it all in a pot with alot of veg stock ( i love strong flavour ) and added lentils and barley soup mix to it

some times i add parsnip and extra leeks to it. Just depends what i have in the fridge.

I would usually cut all veg and wash myself but my daughter was really hungry last and asked me to make soup so i just grabbed what was handy in asda!

I think by bulking it up with the extra carrots and lentils etc it fills me more.

It all really depends what veg you like ? my friends makes it the same as me only she adds onion to her ... i dont like onions so i dont.

The only difference is i dont use veg stock cubes as i think they leave a bit of a greasy residue. I use the granuels and the veg oxo cubes as they dont
sounds lovely thanks hun, I'll try adding lentils to mine next time I go shopping. I find the same with stock cubes.
add herbs and spices i love coriander and cumin in my soups gives it a little spice and lots of flavour if your feeling really hungry swop to a green day for a few days i find they really fill me up lots of potato wedges or jacket spuds full off beans or lots of pasta with quorn bolognese made with lots off added veg lile carrots, peppers, onions, courgettes, aubergine chopped finely.


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aah thought it was just me! I'm on them atm too - and im really struggling to be good! :( I'm going to make some soup tomorrow I think. I went to make some today but felt too poorly and spent the afternoon asleep!:( get well soon by the way! xxx
Thanks ladies.

I'm glad its not just me too Claire, hope you're feeling better soon xxx
I think the free soup idea is the best. If I use stock cubes I always use Knorr and have never had any kind of residue.

I add mainly Chinese 5 spice paste, soy sauce, Worcester sauce or cumin to soups depending on what they are.

I always roast my vegetables first i.e. red peppers, carrots, squash onions as it enhances the flavour.

I find that blending them makes them more flavoursome too.

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