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please help

S: 17st1lb G: 12st9lb
hiya all hope everyone is good i joined minimins to get some support as i find the ww baoards can be quite clicky ( no offence to anyone who regularly posts there) well this week has been a write off my 10 month old has measles i was in a&e yesterday with gastritis and the plan has gone out the window i also have post natal depression and just feel like its all getting on top of me at the min just hoping someone could give me a gentle kick up the bum and some words of encouragement sorry if if posted this in the wrong place love n hugs kel xxxxx
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oh sweetheart thats horrible about your wee child.. and you too :(

look, at the end of the day, sometimes life hits you with ****. If you've been bad, you've been bad. Don't waste this time thinking about what if's and do it NOW. You obviously want to do something about it! Its not easy and we're all with you in the same boat (it's starting to get a bit crowded in here :p) so hopefully we can pass you on lots of help.

Have you tried a read at the members diaries? That can sometimes be a bit of motivation

Lots of love and hugs to you xxxxx


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hiya. xx

definitely dont feel you need a kick! you have so much going on and you need to be kind to yourself - you've been punished enough by the sounds. are you getting support with the pnd? I had it really bad with my middle child and just couldnt get myself straight for a year or so. the fact you are doing what you can to focus yourself during a tough time is fantastic. Take each day as it comes prehaps and think about padding everything out with lush fruit and veggies/salads. if food is usually a comfort for you, just choose the zero point comforts for now and be very kind to yourself!



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awh sorry to hear about ur tough week hope u all better soon
these boards are brill for help for any diet
(i must admit i thougth same about ww boards)
hope u get on track soon chin up


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Hi Kel.. Hope you both feel better soon.. :) :hugs:

As for your bad week.. its in the past now.. So you have a choice.. You can keep lookin back munching on the bad stuff and thinkin 'oh.. I've had such a bad week' OR you can look forward and think 'OK.. I've had a bit of a bad week but this is a new day and a new start and i'm gona undo all of that bad and a bit more'
Great advice there in snackin' on the 0pp snacks.. And definitley get out for a little walk as often as you can.. Even if its only around the block for 10mins.. It takes you out of your regular surroundings and works wonders on both your mood and your weighloss.. Chin up.. It won't get better unless you make it better.. And we're all here to help where n when we can :D


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hope that you, and the baby feel better
these boards are cool, post and moan and motivate away xxx
S: 10st3lb C: 8st12lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 1st5lb(13.29%)
Sorry to hear :( ..... If you ever need a friend to chat to, im around quite often ... life can be a crapper some times, and usually it all just happens at once ....... these are the times when you realise how strong you really are, and altho you wont feel strong now .. you are & will eventually realise it ... i deffo recommend getting some help for your depression .. maybe throwing yourself into your diet will help keep you focused, as it always helps to keep your sanity by keepin somethin in your life that is seperate to everythin thats going out of control, bein in control of one thing keeps life a teeny bit better maintained ... anyway, im just chattin on now ... but seriously, get in touch if you wanna chat xxxxxxx

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