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Please help

Don't do it. How long have you been doing CD? Are you SSing?
Have you considered doing SS+, that way you are eating 'something' it might nelp with your cravings...


MUST get a grip
drink more water - and forget the sandwich... Yes if you eat it, indeed the craving will have gone but sure as eggs are eggs that craving will be replaced by remorse and guilt of why you actually did it???
Fact - the blackcurrant sandwich will still be there after you've shifted your weight... Whether you actually want it then, who knows???? But it'll be your choice to eat it and enjoy it and enjoy it still after you have eaten it....
STAY STRONG xxxxxxxxxxxx
I have just had another litre of water and do feel better. I know you are right once I have it I will be angry, I must stick to S/S I cant keep re-starting.
Nah you don't, blackcurrant sandwiches are well known for being extremly poisonous!!

Seriously though, I had exactly the same problem with a ham sandwich craving, went on for weeks on end. BUT keep telling yourself that it cannot possibly live up to the expectation that you have of it and as soon as it is gone how will you feel. That one moment really isn't worth the grief that it will cause and as Clare said there is plenty of time for blackcurrant sandwiches when you have achieved what you set out to.

Hang in there, know its tough.

Well I made it, I didnt have that sandwich and I am feeling pleased with myself.
I am off to bed now and looking forward to day 6. Thanks everyone for helping me through this.
Well done, I bet you feel really pleased with yourself! You can do this!

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