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Please help

Dear all,

I am in my 7th week of CD and I have lost 9 kilos. I spoke with my CDC over phone and she said it's a slow weight loss. I am very discouraged and feel very down:cry:I did have some bad days in b/w and I am trying to be very good on ss+
I am not blaming my CDC but I feel so down and angry with me! How much should I actually lose in a month's time? I don't even feel like talking or smiling:cry:I am just so down! :sigh:
Can any body please tell me what I should do?
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Hiya hun, sorry you're feeling down, it does seem quite slow! you could try splitting up your mealpacks to keep your metabolism going, why not try SS to kick start it for a week? it's only 7 small days, and maybe you'll see a big loss??

Just realised, you said 9KGS which is quite a lot, I thought it was 9lbs... so it's not that bad after all!
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I think you are doing great hun, how do YOU feel about youe losses??
9kg = 19/20 lbs (i think) so that would be about 3lb a week (I think) which is great hunni, well done.xx
This is definately a glass half empty / half full situation.

You have reduced your weight by 20 pounds!!

That is fantastic!!

Go and grab 20 pounds in weight and carry it about for five minutes and see how much your arms ache!

Your body will burn up fat at the best rate it can and there is no quicker or safer way than with Cambridge so just focus on the prize of being slim.

It isn't a race to get there, the most important thing is that you do get there so take pride in what you have done and what you are doing.




A pound at a time
I thought the average is 14 pounds a month. So you've exceeded that. Don't be down. You can try to SS for a week as suggested. Don't give up. Chin up, you will get to goal if you keep going.
Thanks! dears I feel a bit better after hearing you say its not SO bad as I thought... I am going to try harder at this now.... I see you all are having gr8 losses and I don't want to fall behind! I can feel the losses though ...Like my clothes fit better and some are even loose... Actually I have lost a total of 16 kilos. I lost 6 kgs before CD and then I started CD a week after the initial loss and now after 7 weeks on it I lost 9 kgs. But I know I should loose more being on this fab diet... I need your help dears... I can't do this without ur support. XXX
Hey, I didn't respond before as i didn't know how many lb's that was! Duhhh!

but 20lb's in 7 weeks is really good! Some people just loose slower than others is all (Mike's words were ace!)

Just one thing that may help - are you having the bars at all? They can slow some people's losses to a stop (my mum's for instance) so if you are having them maybe cut them out for a week and see if the loss improves?
I think icemoose has made a very good point here. I think we all react differently to this diet and the imp thing is that you appreciate your body for the weight loss. AND continue. Thank you very much for giving me this percpective... THANK YOU!
No I haven't had the bars... I guess its that the whole of last two weeks I was in and out of cheating... My son wasn't feeling well, but I am not using this as an excuse... I just need to be more focused! Like Anisah said "you will get to goal if you keep going."

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