Please help!

Hi, Im just into my 7th week now and I seem to be having a problem with getting these drinks down, everytime I think of making one or I can smell it, its making me gip really bad and putting me off, has anyone else had this trouble? I just dont know what to do.
Generally I am a fussy eater but I have not had a problem with these drink until now, Any advice?

Also I am starting to feel sick a lot, I dont know if this is something to do with the diet or I am just coming down with something.
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What about changing your flavours, or splitting your packs. I always find that I love a pack for a while and have it loads, and then I get sick of it and can't bear to eat it. I then find another flavour I like and do the same with them.


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Maybe try having them hot? as a mousse? I make mine into custard by making them up in a bowl with hot water and microwaving for a minute ... mmm works well with choc, toffee, vanilla, butterscotch - hope you get sorted xx
Thanx ill give it a try, I think a lot of it could be mind over matter, I want to eat so badly so think that might have something to do with it


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I have an ice crusher & I fill my cambridge shaker with it, then have 2 shakes together with 400ml water. I use a straw & if you close your eyes it's from mcdonalds. lol

I have problems with most flavors. I have a strawberry in the morning & 2 chocolate together in the evening. Cannot abide any other flavours, or any of the soups. Or any of the bars for that matter.


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Hi I dont have anything to add apart from for some reason week 7 seemed to be my absolute hardest week for drinking water and resisting food...weird!!