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PLEASE IGNORE THE MASSIVE RANT-getting it off my chest

G: 9st3lb
The scales are not moving- grrrrrrrrr.........
I know im getting impatient because my second goal date is looming but im starving allllll the time and nothing will come off. Im stuck at 9.7....been this for coming on to two weeks now- it made me cheat because i lost nothing for 5 days and went to weigh in and had lost very little and grrrrrrr im just in a really bad bad bad mood and venting my anger!
Im sick of the diet, im sick of being hungry, im sick of not losing and im sick of being in a bad mood!
I want to bloody well eat!!!
My periods gone missing, not had one for 7 weeks so i cant even blame pmt. Im on holiday surrounded by lovely food and not eating it and the scales wont even bloody budge grrrrrrrrr.....

SO sorry for the rant so so so sorry just frustrated, HUNGRY and grumpy!!!

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S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Sorry to hear you are feeling so crappy.

Your at BMI 27 which is fairly close to your healthy weight, perhaps it is your bodies way of saying it is time to move up the plans?

G: 9st3lb
No my bmi is around 21, not 27 and yes i am meant to be moving up them but being a perfectionist and want to get there quicker lol!
Probs why im not losing quickly.
So kinda being silly and telling my CDC im eating when im not....on 4 packs a day...feel silly now, shouldnt have posted the post was just being grumpy....i dont know how to delete it though!
Thanks though guys xxx

By not eating enough at this stage you will not lose weight you are almost at the bottom end of healthy, unless you are Asian. Even if you are Asian you should be on no less than 810 calories at BMI 25.

At 21 you are now bordering the underweight range.

I am concerned your CDC is supplying you on a SS basis and this is clearly against all of our rules.

You need to sit down with her and look at the correct programme for you to protect your health.

You do not have enough fat stores left and your body will start to use your lean tissue, muscle for energy.

Please discuss this with your CDC as soon as possible.


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S: 237lb C: 224.5lb G: 198lb BMI: 35.2 Loss: 12.5lb(5.27%)
I had originally thought you had got down to BMI 27 too but then saw it is 27lbs you have lost and you want to lose 14 more. Taking into account that you are already BMI 21 (which if you're 9st 7lbs, puts you at 5ft 6in), that means if you lose a further 14lbs, you'd be about BMI 19, which is underweight. Medically (I have a medical background although don't practice), the healthiest BMI for Westerners is around BMI 21, being associated with the least risk of cancers and other diseases, but not being too low as to increase the risk of osteoporosis. Perhaps your mind is still catching up with the idea of how you look now....as you will be perfect the way you are. If, like me, you are Asian (South), then you could afford to lose that extra bit over time (perhaps even with 1500/day), as Asians hold more body fat at any given BMI than other people (increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes, especially as it tends to be held around the stomach). I'm thinking either way, you shouldn't be risking your health by SSing...the rules are there to protect you

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