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Please kick me!!


Silver Member
I've been farting around for the last few weeks without being able to lose anything.

I keep starting a week, doing 2 or 3 good days, then wrecking it at the weekend and not really being ar$ed to get back to it before WI on Wednesdays. :(

I got to 0.5lbs off my stone award, then put on 1lb last week because I lost the plot. Then I've been away this weekend and lost the plot again!

Please can you all kick me to get back on plan? I go away for 2 weeks on Thursday and really want to get rid of some of the bloat that I've been left with because I keep eating the wrong things.

I'm going to do Red days between now and my holiday but I need someone to shout at me!
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*shouts* YOU CAN DO IT!!! =D


Will be thin god dammit!!
:soapbox: Now pull your self together woman!!!!!
I have to say I am doing exactly the same at the moment - great all week then friday, saturday and sunday :mad:

:nono: We shall not do it anymore!!!!


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right Alwyn....do you do a food diary? I think you need to update it from RIGHT NOW (or start on!) then i can keep you in check...it has to be honest to work, if you have a choccie - write it down, otherwise you are only cheating yourself.

Once that is done, please let me know, and i can keep my eye on it.

Next job - refocus!!! get those goals in sight - and go for it! you want your next sticker? yes?!! lets do it!! think of all the reasons you want to lose weight and write them down here....

Come on gal *kick kick KICK* you can do it!



Will be thin god dammit!!
Ooohh you've been kicked off the bear!!!
Can you kick me too as Im also guilty as charged :(


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*kicks Jen back*

lol :)

Right Ellebear - off to start a food diary on here (I do a paper one but only for the convenience of carrying it round with me :))

I want to lose weight to look better - I'm not really big but I'm just not happy!


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Hi Alwyn, you sound just like me.
I was doing the exact same thing and had been for a few months. I've joined a SW challenge on here to stick to it 100% for 30 days - I've just finished my first week and lost 3lbs.
My stomach is not as bloated and I feel fantastic just knowing that I'm back on track.
Just take things day by day - I write all my meals down the night before, working in treats as syns. Then I know exactly what I've got to eat, it's usually loads and knowing I've got all this food on hand to eat without having to think about it usually means I'm not constantly thinking about food until I'm hungrey. I've found myself picking the healthier foods to eat and leaving the syned stuff until later, and sometimes not at all - a major miricle!

Hope this helps, oh by the way **kick**. Good luck if I can do it you'll have no problem. x

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