Please may I join you,because...


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I really,really do mean it this time!! I have been struggling with my weight,and,more importantly,my self image all my adult life.
Today,all of a sudden,I just realized that enough is enough.I posted a thing in the new comers section telling you all that I bought CD satchets ages ago,well now its time to stop being scared(for whatever reason-hopefully that will come to me!) and start.So,as of tomorrow,I am a VLCD person-so would love the support of this group.
I have a huge amount of weight to lose-I made a tracker thing then deleted it,but I feel that going on CD must be easier than the feelings of discomfort I have... Anyway-please may I join?!?!
A huge welcome to the group - come in, put your feet up, make yourself at home ... it won't be long before you feel a part of this big family :)

I've been away in Holland for the past week and have had a 2 week break from CD but will be right back on the wagon as from Tuesday (seeing my CDC on monday at 4.30).

I know I'm going to need my buddies support whilst getting back into ketosis so I'll be right alongside you during the first days. You'll be fine - I'll be fine .... and we'll reap the rewards that come with being on a VLCD.

I've lost around 9.5st since my heaviest (6st 7lb on CD). Having said that, I've probably gained a few pounds over the last 2 weeks - but that'll soon be reversed.

Anyway - enough of my waffle. Welcome to the group again: looking forward to getting to know you better. :D
Hello Daydreambeliever, and a very warm welcome to the WeMitts. We really understand the extra issues involved when you have a lot of weight to lose, and we will support and encourage you every step of the way.
You CAN do this. Just take it one day at a time, and keep focussed.
If you want a WeMitt T shirt or hoodie - e mail me.
If you can get to Birmingham on Nov. 25th/26th come and meet fellow WeMitts.
There is no need to have a negative self image any longer. Post often on the general thread which is strated each Monday. Look forward to getting to know you, and to sharing this exciting journey with you.
Ann x (Mother WeMitt)
Debbie, it's SO GOOD to have you back!!!! I've missed you loads. Tell us about your holiday. I'm going to Amsterdam for a long weekend on Thursday (until Monday.) We are staying with the Dutch friends who stayed with us for a week in the summer. Any tips???
I think I've just about shifted the weight I put on in Spain, although I don't get officially weighed until Tuesday. I'm not going to SS, going to stick with the 2 packs + food route.
Oh I'm SO glad you're back.
Ann xxx
Bless you Ann :)
It's great to be back amongst my friends! I had a great time in Holland and in Amsterdam - what a city!

It's a city of contrast - sophisticated / seedy, graceful / gritty, buzzing / relaxing. I'd love to go again without the kids! ;)

There are 37 museums (I rather fancy the museum of sex - but again, I'd have to be kid-free!). You won't encounter any language barrier: the Dutch speak English fantastically. I got by with 'Dank U well' (pronounced ' Dank oo vell') ... thank you in Dutch - I at least like to be polite even if I can't speak the lingo!

It amazes me that Northern Europeans aren't 30st a piece with the amount of chocolate and pastries they have available. I over-indulged BIG TIME but hey - I'm back on SS as from Tuesday so any damage will be easily reversed. Those leather trousers of mine need to be comfy by Nov 25th!! ;)

Anyway - great to be back: can't wait to catch up with you all.

Thankyou both so much for your kind welcome,
I went to bed last night like a kid on Christmas eve.-so excited about starting this day!!I know there will be major reality checks along the way,but it does give you(one) such a great feeling knowing that you've made a choice.Now I feel like I am in control!! Russiandoll(Debbie) your photos are amazing,such an inspiration,and also the fact you're at uni-something I wish to tackle v v soon. Speak to you soon. xx
Hi Daydreambeliever... Another wish of good luck!

Stick with it stay strong... and never look back! :)

The WeMitts are such a lovely supportive bunch of people! and I'm proud to be part of such a supportive little group! When things get tough we'll be here to help you through... and when things go really well we will be here to congratulate and celebrate!

I am on week 7 now- still amazed I'm still going and have lost 1 stone 11 lbs! :) Immerse yourself in this site... as there is so much inspiration to be found! Check out the galleries- even after seeing the pics I often go back and have another look; still amazed at the differences!

Good luck! and keep us posted on how the first few days go!
Remember to drink loads of water! Glug Glug

Hop right aboard!

Wish you all the best and that you continue to post anything and everything you like!

Good Luck!