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Please send positive thoughts....

Mrs Depp

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I've just had the most upsetting phone call, one of my very good friend's from Asda, Angela, has had a brain haemorrage and it's not looking too hopeful that she'll make a full recovery.

I was only talking to her in work on Thursday evening, laughing and joking with her and trying to persuade her to come out with us all on Friday night. She said she'd ring me if she was going to go but she didn't and now I know why....that's when it happened. Angela's daughter Sarah had to come to tell all her mum's workmates today, I can't imagine how Angela's husband and family are feeling.

Please send positive thoughts for a recovery to my lovely, special friend.....:cry::cry::cry:
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Must do it this time
oh hun,
im so sorry to hear about your friend,she will be in my prayers and i`ll send positive thoughts out to her
elaine x


Bless....sending positive thoughts for your friend.


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Oh Darling, so so sorry. What a shock for you, so sudden.

Please don't be upset on your own. We are here for you, on the site or off.

So sorry to hear your sad news, sending lots of positive thoughts and best wishes.



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And some positive thoughts from me too. Please let us know how she is. xxx Loobylou


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That's awful, my thoughts are with you and them x


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Just wanted to send lots of positive thoughts to your friend, her family and you Mrs D. What a shock for her and her family, hope she regains strength soon xxxx
Thanks for your lovely words and thoughts ladies, they're really appreciated.

I had a call late last night from Angela's daughter Sarah, she said Angela's slipping in and out of consciousness, but when she's awake she's lucid. Her short term memory is okay but she can't remember anything long term.

Sarah said they're going to inject some more dye into Angela's brain today and hopefully they'll be able to operate, so please keep your fingers crossed. Poor Sarah was in bits last night (they're such a close family) but she told me that Angela wanted her to phone me and let me know as she knew I'd be worried! She's such a lovely lovely woman and I'm lucky to have her as a friend...

Apparently, they were both going to come to the party on Friday. When Angela complained of a headache that afternoon she took a couple of painkillers and had a lie down. It was only later when she started vomiting and felt worse that they called their GP who sent Angela straight to hospital in an ambulance.

I spent most of Friday night wondering where they were because I was convinced that I'd talked my friend into coming, just wish I'd made her give me her phone number when I gave her mine...
Oh gosh!

I hope she makes a full speedy recovery.


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So very sorry to hear that Carol:hug99:

Sending positive thoughts and payers for your friend Angela and her family.

Love Mini xxx
Hi there

Sending positive thoughts and lots of hugs to you all. My Mum had a brain haemorrhage 20 years ago, but she pulled through and has now made a full recovery. The fact your friend's still here and fighting is a great sign.

But I know what you're going through - its so scary. All you can do is be there for them all - you sound like a great friend.

I will keep everything crossed for her.

Carol x
sorry to hear about your friend hun, hope she makes a full recovery soon x

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