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Please tell me i will get somewhere!!


Ok so every night bar one rest night i am doing exercise mainly about 250 cals burnt off each night, sometimes 350.
I am still sticking to my 1000 cals a day.

Measured last night ad since starting my diet i have lost 5 inches off my hips, 5 inches from round the bellybutton then 3.5 inches off my thighs.

I had a dress i really liked but i sold it as it was a 16 and was too big so kept falling down. I have gone to a size 12 so didnt think there would be a problem getting it in a 12 when i found it on Ebay brand new with tags...

Got it today and guess what the zip only half way does up :(

Ordered another dress today too in a 12, hope that fits as i need these for 2 wedding receptions in 3 and 4 weeks time! I will never squeeze intot he one i got today in 3 weeks will i!!!
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Don't stress - you'll get in the 12 soon and of course you will get somewhere!!

Congrats on the loss of inches - that is some serious inch loss, so well done! I really wish I had measured myself as it is a wonderful indicator as to how much ones' body has changed. I am in a 14 at the mo, however I know in certain shops, I can now fit in a 12 and we all know that a 12 in one shop, could be a 16 in another...so don't worry too much about sizes.

On another note, I too was on 1000 calories a day and have in the last two weeks increased to 1200/1300 and since I have, I have lost over 6 pounds. I upped my cals as I was starting to feel rather ill and hungry all of the time, which was making me miserable and decided I would rather the weight come off slower and feel well than continue to feel so weak. I also started to worry about loss of bone/muscle mass.


Yes, i just worry bout gainin if i up cals... always a risk i suppose...
The inch loss does make me feel better i must admit. one thing i have noticed tho the saggy tummy fat, will that actually go or will it stay as excess skin?

Does any one know?


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Think I've probably said this before, so sorry if I sound like a broken record, but what with the health issues you've been describing lately, and your plateau, I really do think the 1000 cals isn't working for you. If you up it a bit, there's a good chance you'll kick your metabolism into gear and start shedding the pounds again. You'll probably feel a hell of a lot better, too. You're exercising regularly - your body needs fuel to exercise, deprive your body for too long and you'll feel like hell.

I'm sure you'll get into the 12, don't sweat it. Just try to be patient - it's a marathon, not a sprint. You'll get the results in time. If the 12 still feels too tight, think about getting a 14 - no one sees the label but you, after all, and a dress that hangs beautifully on your figure will look a lot more flattering and slimming than one which clings to every bulge.

Good luck!


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Hey Vicky ! I had exactly the same dilemma with this dress for a wedding I'm going to in September if you remember. I had a 12 and a 10 - the 12 fitted but the 10 was way too tight and I just didn't know which one to keep!!! Everyone here at minimins convinced me to go for the 10 so the 12 went back. I haven't since tried it on but am just going to have blind faith and try it on the week before. I also bought another dress for my birthday which was on the 5th July and I was determined to fit in it .......but didn't!! That was 2 weeks ago and I can just about zip it up now so hang on in there - a few pounds can make all the difference Good luck! :)


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I so agree with Iris. The goal is to lose weight eating as many calories as possible, not training your body to need less food. :) You can lose plenty of weight eating far more if your system is running properly. If your body's not in sync for one reason or another (usually hormonally related), the weight loss will barely come at all despite being on a very low calorie diet. In which event those issues need fixing anyway. Dont get yourself so stressed about the dresses girl! :) You can always splurge out of necessity and get another if it doesn't fit, then you're not as under the gun to lose weight in an unhealthy way that wont work well in the long run (as your metabolism slows down and you gain off any little thing).


wants to get super fit!
I'm with you on this one deblyn15. I'm on a high protein, low carb diet (not Atkins though as I eat loads of fruit, veg etc.) but at the same time am watching my calorie intake and it really is working. A lot of people have actually commented that although I've lost weight it doesn't show in my face and neck (I'm in my 40's) so I'm well chuffed! I do have a wrinkly belly but I had that at 8 stone too, although not quite as bad but that's a result of twins!! I can live with a saggy belly - I just couldn't live with 6 stone excess weight.


See, i dont want the saggy belly, i dont have kids before u ask :)


wants to get super fit!
If you haven't got stretch marks then there's no reason why you should have one. It will decrease in time (and weight) I bet you it's a whole lot smaller than when you started! ;)
I have got stretch marks :(


wants to get super fit!
Ah yes but you're a heck of a lot younger than me and like you said you haven't had children - it makes all the difference you know! You've lost weight steadily too and that's a good thing. Don't worry about what you can't change honey and you might be in for a pleasant surprise as you lose a few more pounds. In fact I'm SURE you will be!!
:) i hope so, ill be jumping fromt he rooftops if i get rid, i have never got rid of that saggy bit of tummy!!