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  1. loved-up

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    Hi, I'm really struggling tonight and if anyone could give me some words of encouragement I'd appreciate it so much

    I'm on day 9 now and things had been going great but I've started having the bars (maybe too early on???) and I'm pretty sure they have (or something has) knocked me out of ketosis:(

    I feel awful my tummy hurts and I am sooooooo hungry, I want to eat but I'm trying so hard not to

    I want to do this so badly, please tell me if I can get through tonight I'll be ok tomorrow? Also do you think I should give the bars a miss for a few days?

    Thank you if you've read this, even just writing it down has helped a bit:)
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  3. dinkadonka

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    The bars can sometimes make u feel more hungry, it was more that I was chewing that made me want to chew more. I lost 2 stone in 2 months and I feel soooo much better already although I have 8 stone to go. You can do this!
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  4. Meneither

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    Hi Loved up It is so worth it, i have been on Cd for just under a month i feel brilliant i have lost just over a stone my clothes feel looser, and people are starting to notice, im still getting the odd comment about thats bad for you, but people are starting to see the change not just physically but menatally as well, im feel on top of the world, a full train of commutters today and techincal problems meaning we were half an hour late didnt stop me today.

    Watch that weight fall off, drink water drink your shakes drink your soups one bar a day and yell on here when you want to scraem and shout.

  5. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Hiya - chin up hun !!

    You've got to DAY 9 - FAB !!

    maybe bit too soon for bars though...not really s'posed to have them til week3...stick to the shakes / soups for now...

    You CAN do this - and the results are soooo worth it !! come on.....don't lose heart....keep glugging the water, brush your teeth, have a bath, phone a friend...but DON'T EAT !!!

    stay on here and keep busy busy busy :p



    CLUCKS Full Member

    I find the bars can make me want to eat more so I try to limit myself to a couple a week. They're great from convenience point of view but can also make your tummy all gurgly!

    If you've got to day 9 then you're doing well, I'm on a re-start :eek: :eek: :eek: & this is my day 7 so remind yourself how far that you've come already! Remember back to DAY 1 I bet you never believed you'd get through that or week 1 and your already half way nearly through week 2!

    We all want results and that huge incentive to keep going, so stick with it!

    I know I am this time xxx:)
  7. archantgirl

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    That is good you are n day 9, you should only have the bars after week 2, and even then it should be one every other night as there are more carbs in the bas than the shakes so can knock you out of ketosis. Keep going, I done 13 weeks and done well, went on holiday and now back on it again. Day 2 today and I feel like I am going into ketosis already.

    Hang on in there!!! x
  8. loved-up

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    exante (with a bit of s&s ;0)
    Thank you all SO much:thankyou:

    I knew here posting on here would help, this level of support is amazing, it really makes all the difference

    I can do this, I will do this:D

    I won't eat tonight, I am determined lol!

    Think I might leave the bars for a while though, I don't like feeling like this at all

  9. spooky

    spooky Banned

    Hi there
    I am on day 8 and starting to feel hungry... I am told it will go! I almost broke the diet last week but thought about it and didn't.
    My counsellor won;'t let me have the bars until 2 weeks or the water flavouring... I see them as something to look forward to when I am properly into the diet..
    Well done getting to day 9... You can do it!!!!:D
  10. lisabham

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    keepit up

    hi i am on week 3. only had the bars this week i do like them feel like i have a treat.I have suffered with really bad mouth ulcers but dont give up i have lost 17lbs in 2 weeks in a size less in clothes which have been hanging in the wardrobe.feel i can really achieve something on this diet. keepgoing and the rewards will be fantastic :) :hug99:
  11. That's_So_Fetch

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    CD is such a difficult and challenging journey but it is definatley worth it :) . As well as losing the lbs, you will feel more energised and even more positive about life. Your skin will also begin to glow ( i keep getting comments about this :D ) and you will feel a great sense of achievement.

    I'll be honest, you will have bad days. There were days where i cried because i wanted some food. But it does get alot easier.

    I also kept thinking 'is it worth it? Do i really want to lose weight so bad?' because the diet was getting to me. It felt so wierd to think this because i know how depressed and anti-social my weight made me, it used to make me feel awful.

    But stick at it and you will see great resuls. I am only on week 4 (never thought i would get this far and neither did anyone else) and i already feel its effects.

    I do still crave food now and then but thats natural. Now i can sit in the same room as everyone else as they eat my favourite food and it feels great.

    Stay strong xx :)
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