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Please tell me they get better!


Slowly but surely!
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Ahhh im not really much help as i love the shakes! and have done since the start! which is strange as i dont like milkshakes or anything of the sort :S lol

But i guess as your tastebuds change maybe they will get better :)


Slowly but surely!
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OMG its actually making me feel ill, im drinking lots of water after each mouthful though lol


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Ello hunni,


its the only one i cant stomach, the rest are ok, they seem realllly blands at first, but after a week, there really sweet and yummy!!

i look forward to mine now, and crave them sometimes when iv had all 3 and have to tell myself no and to wait until tomorrow!!

hang in their it does get better!!



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read the start of my diary.. I used hate them.. really hate them.. now I quite like them.. u get used to it... choc is most like the real thing.. others are just random flavours


Slowly but surely!
S: 17st5.5lb C: 16st5lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 1st0.5lb(5.95%)
Thanks all, I added a sweetner and managed to get it down but it was all sandy, does using a blender get rid of that, going to have soup when I get home while my kids are eating so lets hope that goes better, not feeling to hungry yet though which is a good thing :)

I really don't like the strawberry for me it's a down in one followed by loads of water lol, I've been using a hand blender and it loads easier not as powdery or chalky tasting good luck xxxxxx


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I love the shakes to be honest. Many people on here started out by not being able to get them down. But you get used to it after a while, you may even begin to like them :D
never tried the strawberry only choc and vanilla which i think are quite nice, i actually look forward to them.


Here we go again!
Just give yourself some time and you will be like the rest of us, you will find the ones you like and just have them. I look forward to them too, even though I only have the chocolate and strawberry ones myself. Give yourself time and you will get used to them.


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not so bad after a while

Try out theother ones and you will find one or two to stick with. In thebeginning I thought the chicken soup was foul:8855:ha ha, but its my favourite now. Thechocolate has grown on me also. The vanilla I can gladly do without. So give them all a good go for a few days:)
It does get better! I remember tasting the vanilla and hating it then strawberry and hating it and hoping that the chocolate would be better ..... and hating it - I thought it tasted salty. For about a week I dreaded shake time... Now seven weeks in and... I really look forward to my shakes. Particularly the chocolate. You will get used to it. xxxx
It does get better hon. My very first shake was a Strawberry one too and it tasted horrible. I then had to have lots and lots of chicken soup and when i had another strawberry one after a week it wasnt that bad. Fav one now is choco or vanilla with coffee in!! Like everyone says, your tastebuds change and you begin to like them!! xx Keep going hon!! xx
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they do get far better so stick with it


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They do get better!! I love them :)

I do mine in the shaker... Some times i go a little over board and it pops and spills everywhere!!

But hey!! lol!!