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Please wish me luck.

I tried starting the CD two months ago, with absolutely no success.
Well i have started again today with every hope and determindation.

Me and my partner have been talking about getting married for a while, as he is serving in the british army, but i have told him i refuse to get married being the weight that i am. We've made a pact that, if i lose 3 stone, we will become engaged and announce our engagment, then once i have lost 4 stone, we will start planning our wedding, and then once i have lost the full 6 stone, we will get married.
I really think this pact with my partner will work, it might seem crazy to everyone else, but i think this is the only thing that will get my through all of this.

I am so determind to do it this time, i have my partner back for another week, as he is on leave at the minute, so he will push me through it all.

Please wish me luck.
How long did it take you ladies to lose 6 stone, on the CD SS? i estimated it would take me ruffly until January next year to lose 6 stone. So hopefully that will be the month me and my partner will get married.
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Slimming down the aisle
Well congratulations on deciding about getting married, that's fab news! It should definitely serve as a great motivation tool for you.

I think the average is about a stone a month, so 6 stone should take you about 6 months. So I don't know if you'd get to goal by January but you'd be pretty close!

Good luck in getting it all off!

I know what you're saying, but you can lose up to a stone in the first week to 2 weeks, can't you?
Good Luck!!

I started yesterday and am hoping to lose 5 stone by December 25th (or there abouts anyway, although so long as it comes off by the end of Jan I will be a very happy bunny!)

You can do it!


Slimming down the aisle
Yes but then it all averages out. You might find you get say 6 stone in 5 months maybe, but it's hard to know really.
Congratulations... you should book the wedding for January and you will look terrific.


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I wish you all the luck in the world hun:)

I started yesterday and it ain't easy but what an incentive you have!!
I'm sure you can do it. We'll do it together! x


Cambridge Diet Councellor
Well there is certainly no better motivator then a wedding, oooh it's sooo exciting!!!
You will be suprised at how quickly cd will shift the weight, the more you have to lose the better the losses will be during the first couple of weeks. I only wanted to lose 2stone 9 and in the first week of ss 100% I lost 9lbs!!!
I am sure you will lose the weight in no time, I wish you the best of luck with it all, let us know how you get on!


please try again
good luck hun, you can do it!
Pleased to wish you the best of luck - losing weight for your wedding sounds like a wonderful incentive and you will do it. I only started on Monday and have 5 stones to lose, I hope to get there by December.
The beginning of the week seemed a bit tough but now I feel great - this hot weather seems to help and encourages the fluid intake.


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Good luck. You'll probably be close to goal by then as it is a stone per month on average. In your first month, it's possible to lose more than this amount, however in other months sometimes you lose less than 1 stone. HTH.

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