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Pls help im feelinf really down and dying for a slice of toast

PLEASE HELP cant believe im feeling like this this morn i felt fab and now im so depressed due to lifes lil trouble which like showing there ugly heads from time to time but i just really want a piece of toast sooooooooooooooo bad i havent had no food at all since starting im on my forth day now when will it pass i cant go on like this :cry:
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Hang in there!!! If ketosis hasn't kicked in yet then it will shortly? Distract yourself- do something with your hands. Do a mini spring-clean, do a job you've been putting off for ages, have a bath, give yourself a manicure.
If you're really hungry- split a shake & have half.
Keep posting here for support- you CAN do it!!!!


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Dont give in, you are past the worst 3 days now and ketosis should kick in anytime. Like above, I just suggest you keep busy busy busy today. Try a hot tea or coffee, this should help. Try splitting your shakes too for a few days, this will help curb any hunger pangs - bug DONT have any toast or you will be back to square one hun.
When I first started I had a day like that and I just drank a pint of water, when ever i feel lke eating I drink a glass of water as its fills me up. Please don't eat anything, you'll take yourself back to square one and will feel terrible after, Hang in their.


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Step Away From The Bread & The Toaster!!

You don't need that slice of toast - you are almost over the hardest part. Any minute now ketosis will kick in and you will start to feel great.

Everyone has urges, its normal, but just think what would i prefer; slim me or a slice of toast?

Drink some water whenever you get the urge. Not only will it help with hunger pang but also helps towards yer daily intake of water :)

good luck chick x


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Have a sweet cup of coffee.

Keep going. You are nearly over the hardest part. Have a bath, go to bed, go for a walk, listen to some music, do your nails...anything....but don't undo all the hard work over the last few days.



Here we go again!
A slice of toast really isn't worth it! You have done 3 whole days and will be in ketosis real soon. Please don't give in cos the results will be great if you can just get through week 1. Keep going, we're all behind you!

thanks guys im not going to do it ill regrett it if i do and only have myself to blame i just miss it thats all im so used to putting my hand to mouth that now i feel a little lost its mad cause i dont feel like i want the food when im cooking for the kids its when im thinking about food i want it lol... ive tried not thinking about it keeping busy but i feel so drained at the mo i have no energy but NO i will not go near the toaster lol, i called my step mom who is doing the diet and she is doin so well she and all of you are keeping me going i really do want to be slim so much but just missing something that played a big part of my life for so long kinda like a friend really for when i was on my own of a nite now i no its not a good friend to have ... im looking forward to my W/I i think that will give me the kick i need xxx:copon:<--- thanks jo lol


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yep honey it will take time for your habits and addictions to change/stop. Its not an overnight transformation but our journey on LT is not only about getting slim and healthy but also to help us learn and understand that we dont need food for comfort and we dont need to rely on food anymore.

You will get there soon honey i am sure of it!

p.s glad you stayed away from the toaster! hehe
Well done my darling, I'm so so so proud of you.

However, I may only be your step mom but I will come down and spank you like your real mom would if you dare have the piece of toast.

Love you loads Monique, (We can do this) x x x x x x x
yes we can do this i just need to get used to this new habbit lol and forget about my bad habbit its right what the dvd said about being addicted to food i never knew how bad i was untill i started this i feel like im cold turkeying lol but the new me to come is more inportant xx


Here we go again!
Well done my darling, I'm so so so proud of you.

However, I may only be your step mom but I will come down and spank you like your real mom would if you dare have the piece of toast.

Love you loads Monique, (We can do this) x x x x x x x
Love it!


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awww its sweet you and your stepmum are doing this together :)
we needed to, as a person we are strong but as a team we are stronger and when im down she picks me up and when shes down (yesterday) i pick her up so we know as a team we can do this xxx


Here we go again!
It's lovely to hear of a such a lovely step-relationship. Really nice and heart warming. You both sound lovely people and are lucky to have each other in your lives.

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