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Pls help

Was the soup or the bread over 5g fat per 100g? As you hardly ate anything that day, you'd be more likely to get side effects by having slightly too much fat (if that makes sense).

I'm a little worried that you're hardly eating anything though! Is that a conscious decision? I must admit, I'd be absolutely starving if I only ate that all day.
Hope you're OK x
If you had any spread on the bread? With such little intake something that you might be able to get away with normally like a scraping of low fat marg would have much more of an effect.

Again I'd be concerned that that is all you are eating at the moment, and you could see yourself going into starvation mode with such little calories (and you certainly won't be getting enough nutrients)
Some people have reported to get the side effects up to 72 hours after the fatty food was eaten so it could be something you ate 2/3 days ago?
In terms of amount of food to eat, I have learned from experience when I have attended weight clinic at the docs in the past, if you don't eat enough food you can actually gain weight - as you are starving it, and then when you do eat your body will fight for everything it can and store more than it needs as it doesn't know when it will get food again.


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