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Plunge taken...

So i went shopping at the weekend, bought loads of meat, leafy veg and fullfat dairy.

How strange it felt buying that stuff, having been on SW for a year. i'm quite excited about the bellypork...

Began the Atkins leg of my weight loss quest yeaterday, sporting a hangover - not ideal, but nothing ever is.

Already run out of cucumber and spinich...
Anyone have any quick and easy snack ideas?
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yey welcome :) i would suggest posting your menus up so we can see if you are doing alright and plus i like to be nosey ;)

snacks - prok scratchings, babybel, pepperami , boiled eggs. cook up plenty low carb sossies and keep in fridge.
Hi Lorna - welcome!!

Do you have any chicken? Grill some up and keep it in the fridge for when you feel snacky (especially the first few days... you'll be ravenous, so just eat!). When I start induction, I usually keep a batch of chicken legs or thighs in the fridge, ready to go.

Salami, pepperoni, cold sliced meat (just watch the labels). Ham slices with cream cheese on them, rolled up. Hard boiled eggs. Omelettes. Cooked prawns. Crispy pork cracklings.

But try not to "snack" on veggies... you'll use up all your carb allowances! Make sure you are getting enough, but not too many. You'll find soon that your appetite will fall off and you won't be looking for snacks very often anymore.

Good luck!
100g yoghurt
20g philli
20g pate
50g ham
80g cucumber
20g cheese

2 eggs
90g mushroom
30g spinich

1 tin tuna
40g cheese
20g mayo
50g mixed salad greens

Not sure if the yoghurt is totally legal on induction, but i've counted everything: 14.5g carbs so far today. 19.5 yesterday

Struggling to get my head around veg restriction.


Clean green leafy machine
Hi Lorna and welcome

I would cut the yoghurt to start with, at least for Induction - stick to the list of allowed foods only, and see how you get on :)

oh great. yogs not for indution really - which low carb yog is it?
yes veggie restriction but you still get quite a lot for your carb allowance?
hi jim, thanx for the tip last thurs - i got away from work 15mins early, saved me at least an hour of sitting in traffic
hey Vicky, it's Total yogurt - fantastic - but if i have to wait a cuppla wks, that's ok - ive gone with out it for a 12month...
ah yes id just do clean and green if you want best results hon.
how you enjoying the food so far?
i hope i'll take to this like a duck to water. i love meat and expect to get the hang of it fairly soon.

Not sure my wallet is very impressed. rice n spuds being so cheap relative to meat.
However, i'm now able to buy the tasty, fattier, cheaper cuts that i've been avoiding.
Gonna slow cook a breast of lamb on Wed, belly pork tommorrow mmmmm.
ah i hope so too. I go to tesco and look for the reduced meat etc thats nearly out of date and bung loads in the freezer!


Clean green leafy machine
Tescos does value pork chops and belly pork for around £1.70, and their value chicken is good too.
Ace! i got me a ticker,
didnt realise i was halfway to target,


Clean green leafy machine
LOL lovely pic Lorna :)
You'll fly on Atkins Lorna - be sure and post on the weigh-in sticky thread at the top!
So this is day 3, i've gained a pound and would do anything for a carrot.

But strangely, i'm finding it easy to resist the box of thorntons belgian chocks that is lying open on a desk only 4 paces away from mine!!!!

15g philli, 30g pate, 5 green olives 100g corned beef, 2 sticks celery

4 mini Pepperami, 2oz cheddar, plain chicken
tin of tuna, 30g cheese, mayo, spinich,rocket & watercress salad
Plain chicken, 50g cucumber
Dinner will be:
Belly pork, mushroom, leeks & cabbage greens with garlic & cream - looking forward to that!

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