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Plus size TTC

Hi Girls,

I am currently following a Low GI diet, I have PCOS and struggle with my weight im currently just under 22 stone. I am following a Low GI diet and the pounds are slowly coming off but we would also love to have a baby, im very healthy and apart from PCOS have no medical problems so my weight really doesnt affect me at present!

We have been married for 3 months and would like to start trying for a baby now as we know with PCOS it may be difficult which is why we are trying the GI Diet as it is supposed to be good for PCOS and infertility.

My question really is when I have mentioned it to some people their reaction has been that I shouldnt have a baby at my weight and that i cant be healthy at my size etc!! Even the doctor said its no good having a baby at your size!

Just wanted some opinions, has anyone had a baby and started off overweight/obese?

Thanks guys
VJ xx
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Hiya I think you are absolutely right to start trying as you say with PCOS it might take a little time and as long as you are eating healthy and doing some exercise you are a lot healthier than some average weight people. I am overweight at the minute at 12 stone and Im pregnant - I havent gained any weight yet and am being very careful about eating a healthy diet.

Good luck with TTC


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Lots of ladies have babies while being overweight and your doctor should be more supportive.

I was trying for 5 years while overweight went on Lipotrim - lost 65llbs and was got pregnant immediately (to our complete surprise) so for me shedding the pounds helped.
I fell pregnant with #1 the first month trying and I was 16st 10lb. I actually lost weight during the pregnancy as I was very aware of eating properly. I had a perfect pregnancy according to the midwife/consultant. My blood pressure was perfect throughout the pregnancy, and I never had any ailments that they said I may experience being obese (as they politely put it :D). My doctors words were "your body would not have let you become pregnant if you weren't healthy enough to carry a baby".

I am trying for #2, have been for 18 months and just getting nowhere. I am going to the gym and eating as low carb as possible. My gp warned me off vlcd's as I wanted to go back on cambridge but she advised me not to. Part of me is still considering it though just for a bit of rapid weight loss to boost my fertility, after all this time I will try anything.

Anyway, best of luck, hope you fall pregnant quickly. I post on a ttc forum if you ever fancy a chat, it's called Bumples. I won't put the link as i'm not sure if i'm allowed, but it's only a ttc forum.

Love Hx

I was 18 stone hen i gave birth to my second child and yes i was overweight and towards the end it was difficult but overall i was fine - though there were problems with my blood pressure and that was scary!
And i gave birth easily but then i had already given birth and in all honesty I would lose the weight now if i had the chance again because being big and pregnant isnt easy and there are so much more complications with obese people then skinny hoes (annoying but true) and everytime i had a pregnancy problem it was weight related. It sucked, and now if i were to have another baby id want to be slimmer.

Its better for you and the baby if you were to be a few stones lighter, the rate of miscarriage is higher and more complications can arise in overweight mums. Having been and still one i know what im talking about. Seriously consider losing a few stone hun, if not for you then for your future infant.

If you want a chat pm me, Im a mum and was 4 years ago a student midwife for 2 years.
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Hi Hun,

I two have PCOS , has your doctor recomeded Metformin at all, I am due to start my 3rd ivf in 5 months i am going to turkey for it but my gp here said i really should get the weight off 1st as it will help with the pregnancy ect as you know pcos woman have a higher rate of
Miscarriage and insulin problems :cry: – in saying that i know of lots of woman who have pcos and didn’t have any problems in pregnancy :)

Your doctor may be wanting you to lose weight to help you have a regular menstrual cycle and help you ovulate as this are the biggest factor that effect ppl with pcos ??
I wanted to wish you lots of luck with the weight loss & ttc

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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I was 15s 10 when I fell pregnant and when LO was born I reached a whopping 21s. The only trouble I had through out the pregnancy was indigestion and towards the end raised blood pressure. I tried to wat healthily throughout pregnancy, but for some reason could only keep rubbish foods down (was on the SW plan before fell pregnant), salads and fruits were awful to smell and the taste was all wrong!!
Your Doctor needs to improve their "bedside" manner and not speak to you like that. If you feel that you are ready to start trying, providing you try to eat healthily, take the vitamins etc that your body needs go fo it.

Take care (Im not pregnant...I have a beautiful 3 year old little girl and would love another one, hence the lurking!!!)

Hi, doctors have such a way with words don't they!!!! In all honestly though, I feel losing some weight would be such a benefit.

I have PCOS and it took me 5yrs to become pregnant. I was 22stone when we began trying for a baby, but when I finally caught on I was down to 18stone. In hindsight, I wish I had lost more.

Although your healthly, the extra weight can cause many problems with pregnancy. The risk of miscarrige and baby dieing later in pregnancy is greatly increased, in labour there is a risk of baby becoming stuck, epidurals are very difficult to do on a larger woman, which then increases the risk of a general if cesearian is required for any reason. That alone is dangerous for pregnant women, but even more so if your obese. Your risk of high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia and diabetes during in pregnancy is also greatly increased.

I hope you don't take offence by my post, I just wish I'd have known what complications could have arose due to weight problems when I had my second child. I'm still obese now and would love another child, but I will never have one unless I lose lots of weight.

Good luck with it all, and whatever you decide, have fun ;0)
Thats really bad of your doctor to say that! :mad:

I was 18 stone when I got pregnant! All through the pregnancy the midwife/docs etc were always mentioning my BMI and that i would HAVE to have consultant care for labour. I was always quite nervous about the poss things that could go wrong cos of my weight but only cos all the professionals kept reminding me!

I had a great pregnancy apart from SPD in the last couple of months (not weight related) and had a very easy birth (no drugs!!). I lost weight through the pregnancy and even more through breast feeding. I now weigh 16 stone 2oz. When I was near my due date I was told i could have midwifery led care, which i wanted. So basically hun, I think just go for it!! Its amazing what the body can do, I now have a beautiful baby boy that i thought i'd never have! :D
Hi there, I hope you don't mind me replying to your post. I think whilst he maybe didn't say it in the right way, your doctor is actually giving you some pretty sound advice. Whilst it is physically possible to get pregnant when you are overweight, you are (as I think someone has mentioned) increasing your risks of a complicated pregnancy.

I don't doubt the best intentions of people who are encouraging you to start ttc now but as hard as it is to believe - sometimes doctors do know best!

This is not intended as a negative post but as you are already on your weight loss journey, you could end up having a much happier and healthier pregnancy. You may find aswell that your periods return on their own when you start to lose weight.

Good Luck x

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