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Points For Nandos......


Otherwise known as Jools
I think that the Hot Chicken Salad is about 3 points - I am out tonight and that it what I shall have. The Pitta Bread/Sandwiches are quite high I think around 9 - but not 100% sure. I think that if you check out the Eating Out thread there might be a more comprehensive list on there.
that isnt accurate tho. go on the nados site, it hass all the NI, then work out the points from there. at least then u kno its right,
because they change ingrediants/etc and if you work it out form the nandos site things are diffrent in points in some cases. Guides become out of date very quickly sometimes, unfortunatly
yes I was shocked to find out that a creme egg used to be 9 points now its 3 and a half??!!! What on earth have they changed that drastically please???
OM Gosh is a creme egg only 3.5points thats not good... i could live off them. x
lol snap, I've gave up chocolate for lent .. and for Easter my mom has made me a Easter basket full of chocolate! including the delishhh creme egg!!! :D going to have to put a limit on how much i eat out the basket a day... but i can't wait!!!! Bring on a week tomorrow! :p


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I used to love creme eggs before starting weight watchers, then about 5 weeks in, i tried one - i was looking forward to it allllll day but i actually found i wasnt keen on them at all..lol weird.. i might have to try another one at the weekend perhaps, see if the love is still there or not! lol :)
they are grooooooooosssssssss!
what a waste of perfectly good cadburys!
Lol i never use to like them, now i love em! :D weird me, but i also have caramel bunnies, malteaser bunny, proper Easter egg plain choco one, erm bunny from M&S, a caramel mini egg thing, mini eggs, ermmm, kinder mini eggs, galaxy bubble, kitkat bunny and a lolly pop shaped like a bunny from Thorntons! which i know are 5 points but YUM :p hehe

LOTS of exercise for me, then LOTS of chocolate! ha :) been off chocolate for 5 weeks now! and crisps ... bring on the flamin hot monster munch and transformers spicy bbq ahem :D

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