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pole dancing

I did it years ago when I was in university(before it was popular)for a show we put on. It was hard work but really good fun. It tones muscles you didn't know you had.Couldn't get in those positions now!!


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i have no upper body strngth at all so little worried everyone laugh at me but my partner seems think will build my confidence up (wonder why he chose pole dancing) i was looking at hobbies and ben came up with it! but hi friends girlfriend wants go to shes losing weight calorie counting so also going for fitness.
My friend did it, and eventually her and another mate bought a pole to share. You can get ones that you put up at home, which is what they bought. She's very toned now, although she was covered in bruises while she was learning.

The only downside now is that when you're out on the town, she seems only able to dance like a stripper these days, which is odd, as what she does on the pole is more gymnastic, than pornographic!!! Anyway, keeps all of us amused!
I've been pole Dancing for about a year now and it's excellent and really helps with not only my confidence but has really helped with my weight loss. I’ve managed to find a teacher who does one on one classes or groups of up to 3 so there’s no worrying about others in the class and it means I go at my pace.

I’d defiantly recommend it.


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I looked into this, its fun, its exercise and it much more interesting than running on a tread mill!!

Only trouble is its so blummin expensive. Id say if you can afford it do it!! You have nothing to lose as if you dont like it you can stop going :) xx


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Well Ben said he'll treat me and pay for each lesson (he's being selfish with his reasons ;) LOL) i bruise easily so people may look at me little funy.

thankyou for replies
you go for it and really enjoy it. Noone has the right to look down on you or laugh at you. You are beautiful and its time you started believing it so get up there and wiggle that ar*e all over the place.xx

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