POLL: Average weekly weight loss


Is so very nearly there!
G: 12st2lb
Average now is a 1lb a week.... IF been really good 2lb+

I aint been good continuously for a LONNNNG time! lol


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7lb a month at first...........but now its 1.5lb a week........if i'm very good 2.5lb.......quite happy with a lb odd.........


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2lbs when completely good....why I can't manage this every week is a mystery to me!


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i dont seem to have an average - either sts or have big loses. my body is still a mystery even at 28!!

and yes i do have a treat after wi. i wi on a thursday morning but have my treat on a friday night. i find i look forward to this and its keeps me on track.


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If I stick to it then around three ish pound a week. and yup generally have a weekly treat x


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I don't have a weekly treat.... but as I don't always use my syns if I want 25gms of plain crisps for 6 syns then I know I can have them... I think it is when you think you can't makes it worse.

My losses are all over the place and pretty good so far...11.5lbs this month so far YAY!

The thing is ... have small goals and you will reach them quicker with a better frame of mind.. if you say... omg I have to lose 5 stone and you only see this go down slowly you will or can get disheartened...

you CAN do it


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I'm currently losing 1-2lbs a week. Been on SW for nearly 7 weeks so am starting to average out my losses rather than have big drops (unless the previous week was my "star week"). I do have the odd treat though. Ideally I like it soon after my weigh-in, but as I'm pretty good most of the time, I don't let it trouble me if something comes up, like eating something that's not strictly within guidelines (like if I'm eating at a friend's or something). So far it's working well. The main thing is that generally speaking, my eating is under control now. Whereas before, I ate whatever, whenever. So any degree of control is better than it was before, and my body is showing the changes. My favourite black jeans are getting very loose on me now. I had them tailored especially to fit me so I will be sad to lose them as they are so comfy. But at the same time... YAY!!


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I'm not sure what the exact figure is but around 3lbs seems to be my average.


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12 pound loss in October and 12 pound loss in November so far, so I guess that works out to be an average of 3 pounds a week. I don't normally go off plan after WI. I just carry on as a normal day on the plan.