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POLL - what do you like/hate?


is loving the soup?!


Love God; Love People
Fave: chocolate -cold, hot choc or mousse (yum!)
Least fave: peanut flapjack
Would not go near: the soup!
In order of favouriteness...

1. Vanilla with coffee and ice
2. Chicken soup with double water and cumin powder, chilli flakes, white pepper, curry powder and paprika. (oh by the way offically you are not allowed to put anything in the soup - but i am a rebel!)
3. Chocolate with coffee and ice
4. Strawberry with ice
5. Toasted flapjacks
I love the strawberry the best!

I tried the vanilla with coffee this week and thought it was delicious too.

Like the peanut flapjacks.

Hate the soup with a vengence!!!

ewch ewch ewch!! the flabjacks are the food of the devil!!! makes me sick!! couldn't even force a bite down!!!

the vanilla is quite nice for breakfast...then its chocolate all the way!!!
I'm not doing LT but I'm totally intrigued with the flapjacks. Are they made from oats and taste sweet and sugary? :confused:

Just wondering why everyone hates them so much? I'm on CD an I'd kill for a piece of flapjack about now ;)
they are NOT flapjacks!! don't be fooled by the name!!! they taste VILE...like something scraped up from the floor....only perhaps worse!! tasting these nearly put me off lipotrim altogether!!!


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if only they did taste sweet and chewy! i think they taste more savoury and are really hard to swallow!
i LOVE the vanilla shake
I dont mind any of the shakes and the soup


On a mission
1st chocolate especially peppermint and mocha
2nd vanilla but only as a cold latte
and that's it. This week I have 19 choc and 2 vanilla.

I tried the soup and it was ok, but the thought of it now is killing me
I also had the peanut flapjack which was ok, but now again the thought of it is making me feel not so good. I have a spare coconut and am scared to try it.
Not fond of the strawberry but if I have to drink it I will


Mad as a Hatter
Best - Chicken soup, then chocolate, strawberry... cannot stomach Vanilla... yuk.
I'm don't like milk at all and the Vanilla one just reminds me of full fat milk...


On a mission
Best - Chicken soup, then chocolate, strawberry... cannot stomach Vanilla... yuk.
I'm don't like milk at all and the Vanilla one just reminds me of full fat milk...
i hate milk and you're right it does remind me of milk
coffee disguises the taste and smell for me


Says it as it is!!!
Fave: vanilla Latte
vanilla latte for breakfast choc orange for dinner and vanilla latte for tea mmmmm!!!! strawberry with mint nice to soup yuck flapjacks both yuck yuck!!!!!!!!
BabyBoo, sorry to be a pain but did you mean choc orange? I didn't think we were allowed any citrus on LT coz it would knock us out of ketosis. How do you flavour it?



Posts when she can
1. Strawberry
2. Vanilla
3. Soup (ugh)
4. Choc (ugh)
5. Flapjacks (no chance)


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i used to love the soup but cant even stomach the thought of it now - it might come back to me eventually

in order of favouriteness

choc shake
strawberry shake
vanilla shake
chicken poop
flapjacks <------ these lil feckers shouldn't even get a mention to be honest :D
In order of faves
1...coconut flapjack mmmmmmmmmmmh
2...vanilla latte (must be icey)
3...chicken soup with cumin
4...choc & coffee (mocha again must be icey)
5...peanut flapjack
6...strawberry (cant stomach this at all, hate it!!!)

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