Poo related! (sorry)


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Hey all!

Just wondering if its normal to have diahorrea with lt. I keep ranging from a bit hard to go to emergency loo trips, and tonights all time high involved me waking up feeling wet and having poo'd in my bed.

Is this normal?

Been feeling a bit sick too.

Sorry for the overshare.

Thanks in advance x
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irish molly

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Sound more like a bug or something. Ask your pharmacist tomorrow. Meantime keep up your fluid intake so you don't get dehydrated.


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Sweetie I had the same problem from around week 3 for me it lasted about 5 days and then I got blocked up.

As Molly said make sure you have all your water and talk to your pharmacist.
Hope your feeling better soon good luck x


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OMG, that sounds a bit extreme even for LT......happened to me once but I had a gastric bug, totally hideous experience but fortunately I managed to hide it from the OH.... we were on holiday, staying just the one night in an hotel, so I just pulled the sheets over and left......:eek: I've never confessed even to this day.....

I hope you feel better soon x


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Could you possibly have a tummy bug? Lots of it about at the moment :-/ Hope all settles soon xx


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I had the very same problem. I rang the lipotrim company and they told me it was normal, (maybe yours is extreme) to use the green fibrogel to add fibre to your diet. Hope it passes soon, excuse the pun.