poo talk sorry


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I've suffered with constipation on this diet several times and have used fibreclear

This time, second time round I've had a little trouble this week but today in my weigh in the pharmacist had run out of fibreclear.
However tonight I have the opposite of constipation. It's not bad but just worrying me as I have never heard of anyone on lt having this problem

Advise please. A bug perhaps?

Sorry if this is a bit too much for you
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I suffered with that on CD from time to time, sometimes the vitamins and minerals can upset the tummy a little a cause the runs. It should pass soon.


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Don't be silly, you know no topic is off limits on this board lol

I have actually heard of several people having the opposite effect of constipation. Mini just put up a good post on patricia*star's thread.

Personally I've found it happens if I drink coffee in the first week or two. It may just be the amount of water we're drinking. How long has it been happening?


On a mission
S: 17st3lb C: 12st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 4st7lb(26.14%)
Just come on. Just a little freaked it's not happened before

Thanks will stop worrying now and hope it passes soon

Glad the pharmacist didn't have any fibreclear today or I could have made it worse!


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Im waiting to see how the toilet situation will effect me as i suffer from IBS(Irritable bowel syndrome) my pharmasist thinks it may help but we will see :confused:


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Hey hun, I read on here a while ago that sometimes in the first week you can get this and it is just your body getting rid of cr*p by detoxing. Not sure how true this is. I would mention at your WI if it is still happening.