poor weight loss

ammanford ang

S: 12st7lb G: 11st0lb
hi hope someone can help!! joined slimming world 3rd january up to last monday my loss is only 1.5 lbs not cheating ! lost 3.5 first week put on 1.5 second week lost 0.5 lbs third week have reduced syns to under ten a day doing lots of exercise too. hoping for good loss next monday or dont know what else to do. last weigh in plus 1lb so not happy help!!
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Which plan are you following, EE, G or R?

I have to admit, i loose more on a G day than doing EE's.. (i dont do R days) but everyone is different.

Do you write everything down in a food diary? Perhaps create one on this forum and see if people can see or give you some advice on things. Going back to basics and measuring your milk, cheese, cereal etc. Drinking lots of water, have to admit i just dont drink enough... :(

It can be frustrating when you try so hard and your hard work isnt repayed back. Dont give up though!

Perhaps the exercising is making you maintain/gain.. (im not very clever with that side of things..lol)



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I dont recommend reducing your syns too low, if you are just starting out. As they are what will help you stay on track when you fancy something out of the free foods list. We are allowed to have treats and syns are there to allow us to do that in moderation. Also if you reduce them too early, you will have nothing to lower once you get close to goal.

Your weight loss to me has been fine. Okay you had a gain one week, but you lost the other weeks.

However I would recommend like someone else suggested, starting a food diary. There are many little areas where mistakes can be made, while assuming you are being 100%, so if you want someone to double check for you, this is the best place to do so. There is a wonderful supportive bunch of people here.

Good luck and dont be too disheartened.
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I agree! A food diary is the way to go. Losses can also depend on your weight and how far from target you are, or it could just be that you're not eating enough to support your increased activity level.


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I've suffered some poor losses/gains too, so i think I might start a diary on here, seems the way to go! :)


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I'm in a similar position. First week lost 3lbs, 1.5 second week, 0.5 third week and then horror of horrors put on 1.5lbs this week. Not impressed as I didn't do anything different except ate more pasta and rice than previous weeks so am thinking maybe I have issues with carb overload?? I'm not overeating so i know it's not fat I've gained (am bloated and windy) but it is really disheartening that the weight is literally dropping off everyone else round u :-(

Am sticking with EE but avoiding rice and pasta or at least cutting down where they are concerned! Hope it works as I don't know where to go after that?